Which Dog Breed are you?

One of the reasons we think dogs are so great is because they’re each so unique! However, different breeds do tend to exhibit different character traits. It’s often said that dogs look like their owners, but it’s also true to say that some can also act like people, just with slightly more hair (unless we’re talking about a hairless Chinese Crested!). We’ve rounded up some of these common characteristics, and it’s time to find out, which dog breed do you think you are? Let us know in the poll below!

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Which Dog Breed are you?
Which Dog Breed are you?
Which Dog Breed are you?
Which dog breed are you? Border Collie

Border Collie – the overachiever

They’re gifted, intelligent, and never seem to tire! They’ll have rounded up the entire gang, ran the length of ten fields, caught 253 balls, as well as having scouted out all the premium watering holes in minutes. Infuriatingly, even though they will have achieved much more within half an hour than you do in the average week, you can’t help but fall for their happy grin!

Standard Poodle – the pampered one

Never seen without fantastic hair, nails, the works. These are the people who look great and they know it; which they should, because an awful lot of effort has gone into it! Often, they can be seen as one-dimensional show ponies with no brains behind the beauty. However, there’s more than meets the eye! Suddenly, as if from nowhere, they’ll astound the room with their intelligence, athletic prowess or astonishing party trick. Bafflement ensues.   

Which dog breed are you? Labrador

Labrador – the happy glutton

“Are you going to eat the rest of those chips?” Is the kind of thing you’d hear coming from the mouth of this person, or an actual Labrador, if you had the ability to speak dog. Not content with a single pizza, they would supersize it, add a side of garlic bread and wings for starters, washed down with two litres of something fizzy. And then still be able to eat more. Accuse them of gluttony and they’ll just flash you a winning smile before tucking into pudding. Food is life.

Chihuahua – small, but mighty

Quick to anger, tiny Chihuahuas are consistently trying to get their point across, loudly! Their vocal chords often work hard to make up for what they lack in size. Don’t be fooled, however, as despite their diminutive stature, these are often the real leaders of the pack. A tiny creature with the courage of a lion, they’ll take on opponents ten times their size. But no matter how tough they might be, there’s nothing a cuddle won’t solve. Their bark is definitely worse than their bite!

Which dog breed are you? Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound – the free spirit  

This breed certainly know how to go their own way! “Sit.” “No, I think I’ll stand thanks very much.” “Come here.” “No, I really prefer it over here, the smells are way better.” Good luck trying to train an Afghan Hound! With intelligence, an iron will and the sleekest of coats, Afghan Hounds will listen to what you have to say, but then calmly let you know that they really don’t care. They’ve got an idea in their head and they need to see it through; only then will they deign to favour you with their attention.  

Can you relate to any of these dog breeds and their distinctive characteristics? Let us know which you are in our poll! If you’re the owner of a furry friend, you might want to think about helping to protect them with dog insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer a range of Dog Insurance with up to 30% discount*. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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