Caravan Insurance

We understand that a caravanner's life can take many unexpected twists and turns, some can be a total joy but for those not so joyous, having the right insurance can help save the day.

At The Insurance Emporium, we offer a wide range of caravan insurance policies with different cover levels, and a breadth of Optional Benefits allowing you to further tailor your policy.

Whichever way you caravan, you can hitch up with one of our policy types.

Touring, Trailer Tent And Folding Caravan Insurance

Wherever you travel in the UK and Europe, our policies are designed to meet the needs of today’s caravanner. Tailor your cover with our Optional Benefits!

Static Caravan Insurance

Protect your holiday home! Choose from our three carefully researched range of policies, then select Optional Benefits to tailor your cover further.

Why do I need caravan insurance?

You likely spent a great deal of time finding your perfect caravan match, so why wouldn't you protect your pride and joy?

Owning a caravan is one of life's enjoyments and passions, which provides you and your family with priceless memories, but it can also come with many unexpected mishaps. What better peace of mind than knowing you are covered under a comprehensive insurance policy, with an award-winning company.

What's more, your existing security measures and memberships can earn you multiple discounts on your policy, such as CaSSOA, Caravan Club, alarms, and electronic anti-snaking device. Get a quote now!

Touring Caravan

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Static Caravan

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What are the types of caravan insurance?

Our caravan insurance is split into Touring and Static, each with 3 main policy types and a range of Optional Benefits, allowing you to create the perfect policy for you.

All our touring caravan policies include benefits such as New for Old, Loss or Damage, European Use, Family Member cover and more. Trip is our entry-level policy type, with Voyage and Quest adding extra benefits and higher levels of cover. Simply choose which best meets your needs and then you can tweak it with our Optional Benefits!

We offer three static caravan insurance policies that have been designed to find that elusive balance, between offering as many benefits as possible, yet remaining affordable. Classic is our entry-level policy, Prime and Elite include extra benefits and higher levels of cover. Better still, we've made some benefits tweakable which can help you create the perfect policy for you.

Why Choose Us

We have many years of experience in the insurance industry. During that time, we have helped bring peace of mind to millions of UK residents by protecting the things that really matter to them.

At The Insurance Emporium, we work hard to understand you - our customer. We know what's important to you, which allows us to offer products and services that respond directly to your needs, reflecting life's changes. In short, we protect the things you love.

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What does caravan insurance cover?

Our caravan insurance provides cover for different Benefits. Some of those Benefits are:

The cost of your caravan if stolen or accidentally damaged by, but not limited to, fire, flood, storm, or vandalism.

The cost of replacing your static or touring caravan with a new one if stolen or accidentally damaged by fire, flood, storm, or vandalism.

Your legal liability to others for compensation and costs arising out of your use of the static or touring caravan.

Cover for your death following bodily injury sustained whilst you are manoeuvring your touring caravan. Cover for your death following bodily injury caused by fire or assault by thieves whilst present in your static caravan.

Up to 3 relatives using your static or touring caravan for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.

The cost of alternative accommodation or hire of a replacement static or touring caravan whilst yours is being restored or replaced if applicable. This is included as standard on Static policies; Prime and Elite, and for Touring; Voyage and Quest.

For the full list of benefits, or to find out more, choose from the selection below:

How much does caravan insurance cost?

At The Insurance Emporium, our caravan insurance policies are as individual as you are. The price you pay depends on which policy level you select, and which Optional Benefits you want to add.

Get a quote now and protect the things that matter!

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Static Caravan

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How do I compare insurance products?

Taking out an insurance policy can be confusing at the best of times.

We try and make things simple here at The Insurance Emporium, we don't like jargon and avoid small print. It's important to consider which policies suit your needs the most, so to help you, we have included quick links to each of our caravan pages so you can easily compare and decide which policy is right for you!

Caravan News & Stories

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No. There are no laws currently stating you must insure your touring or static caravan.

Your policy will not cover you if your caravan is being used as a permanent living accommodation or home address, or as accommodation for periods longer than 90 consecutive days.

We offer cover for up to 2 friends and up to 3 relatives to use the static and touring caravan in the UK for social, domestic and pleasure purposes if they are over 25 years old.

We don't include items such as bicycles, car accessories, gaming consoles, jewellery or watches in our standard cover. Please read the policy wording for exclusion information. However, we have a range of other Policies that might protect some of your other precious items, like your Bicycle, Fishing equipment and Camera equipment.

Yes. Our Touring Caravan policies offer a minimum of 200 days/up to 90 days per occasion of European Use.

A static caravan is a holiday home. It has a permanent pitch, and you'll likely pay ground rent to the static caravan site. A touring caravan, however, is something you can store at your place of residence and hitch up to your car when you're ready to travel.

If you passed your driving test after 1 January 1997, there are restrictions on towing. For heavier trailers or caravans, a B+E or C1+E licence may be required. These are not included as standard, meaning you may need to pass an additional test.

A lunar monthly policy runs for, and premiums are collected on, equal periods of 28 days. This type of policy renews every 28 days.

Runs for 365 days from the commencement date and time shown on Your policy schedule; automatically renews annually.