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charity begins at home...

At the Emporium, we are proud to be working with some fantastic charities, each of which strive tirelessly to improve the lives of both pets and people across the country. Find out more about these amazing organisations below.

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Image for the Dogs for Good charity in the style of a green circular dog tag

Dogs for good

Dogs For Good are an innovative charity, set up in order to explore the different ways in which dogs can help people overcome specific challenges, improve lives and benefit communities. These three set goals are addressed in their own unique ways. Assistance dogs offer support to adults and children living with a range of disabilities, as well as children with autism. Community dogs are trained as therapy and activity dogs so they can work with specialist handlers in schools and communities. The family dog team, speaks to families and advises them how best to develop and sustain the relationship with the family dog.

Image for the Medical Detection Dogs charity showing a dog following a scent

Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs leads ground-breaking work in the fight against cancer, as well as offering invaluable assistance to people with life threatening diseases. The charity does this by training Bio-Detection Dogs and Medical Alert Assistance Dogs. Bio-Detection Dogs are based at the training centre in Great Horwood and trained to scent the odour of diseases, particularly cancer, in human samples like urine, swabs and even breath. Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are placed at around 18 months of age, they’re with their owners constantly and are trained to identify unique odours which could indicate the onset of an medical crisis.

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