Introducing The Insurance Emporium

For all the things that add colour and richness to life, The Insurance Emporium protects the things we love.

From pets, horses, weddings and caravans to cameras and bikes, we’re specialists too. We use our specialist experience to create personal cover to keep these things safe because we know implicitly how much they mean to our customers.

We aim to make insurance as natural a part of ownership as anything else. It’s not a burden - it’s a bonus that lets hobbyists and professionals enjoy what’s important in their lives without financial worry should the unexpected happen.

Our Insurance Products

The Insurance Emporium Priorities

At The Insurance Emporium we always work hard to understand our customers and what’s important to them. This enables us to offer products and services that respond to their needs as individuals and reflect the changes that happen as their lives and families grow.

We strive to offer a first class claims and customer contact that moves with the times, providing comprehensive cover and competitive premiums for everything from pet insurance to caravan insurance, horses and trailers, camera equipment, student possessions, weddings, musical instruments and much more.

In short, we protect the things you love. We’re here to help you celebrate the joy of owning and using those things, and our insurance products are designed with that specific aim in mind.

Our Commitment

We put our customers first. Every customer and every claim is treated individually and fairly - our policies are as individual as you are.

Insurance isn’t so much about worst case scenarios as it is about the freedom to push the limits of your enjoyment even further by removing the worry that comes with your precious possessions and loved ones.

Over time, our hobbies and interests evolve and change alongside our own lives and stories. Weddings, travels, pets, caravan holidays with the kids, student possessions insurance when they’re older, and for all the things to help us live passionately.

Our insurance policies will likewise change and evolve to best fit our customers, and we aim to be there for you for years to come.

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A lunar monthly policy runs for, and premiums are collected on, equal periods of 28 days. This type of policy renews every 28 days.

Runs for 365 days from the commencement date and time shown on Your policy schedule; automatically renews annually.