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Annual policy paid by Monthly premium based on a £100 bicycle.
The average premium our customers paid in 2022 was £9.67 Per Month, with an average £821 sum insured.

Cover for your bike and you when in the saddle...

... and sometimes when you've just come off it! If you are like most people when you hear about cycling and bicycle insurance you likely just think about theft or damage, but that's just where it starts! What happens if you are involved in an accident or cause an accident? What about all your accessories, tech, trailers etc? The Insurance Emporium's bicycle insurance can provide cover for all of this and more.

How do we make insurance simple?

Our years of experience in Cycle Insurance means that we've created a package of Benefits as Standard which should suit a lot of cyclists. You can buy this on its own, or if you have more specialised needs, we have a selection of Optional Benefits to supplement your Policy.

What Standard Benefits are Included?

  • Theft, Loss or Accidental Damage
  • New for Old
  • Unattended Vehicle
  • European Cover
  • Family Cover
  • Replacement Hire
  • Emergency Recovery (UK only)

What additional benefits can I add?

Whatever your cycling needs, our range of Optional Benefits have been designed to help you customise your cycle insurance policy so that it fits your circumstances as snugly as your lycra cycling shorts!

You can tailor your bicycle insurance policy with the following Optional Benefits:

  • New for Old For Life
  • Competitive Use
  • Event Withdrawal
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Bicycle Kit
  • Gadget & Mobile Phones
  • Public Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Dental Treatment

For further details simply read on or get a free no-strings quote and find out if you could be better off insuring your bicycle with The Insurance Emporium.

Award winning insurance!

A collection of images showing the awards that The Insurance Emporium has won A collection of images showing the awards that The Insurance Emporium has won

Defaqto 5 Stars on selected products

Find the Right Policy For You

Our Range of Cover

Check out our easy-to-read Table of Benefits below to see which level of cover will give you the protection you need.

Table of Benefits
Standard Benefit
  • Theft, Loss or Accidental Damage i
  • New for Old i
  • Unattended Vehicle i
  • European Cover i
  • Family Cover i
  • Replacement Hire i
  • Emergency Recovery (UK Only) i
  • Up to £30,000
  • 4 years from frame manufacture
  • Up to £15,000
  • 65 days (per EU trip)
  • Up to 3 family members
  • £500/week (Up to 4 weeks)
  • £500
Optional Benefits
  • New for Old for Life i
  • Competitive Use i
  • Event Withdrawal i
  • Worldwide Cover i
  • Bicycle Kit - attachments, clothing, technology, and trailers i
  • Gadgets and Mobile Phones i
  • Public Liability i
  • Personal Accident i
  • Dental Treatment i
  • £1,000
  • 65 days (per EU or Worldwide trip)
  • £2,000
  • £500
  • £1 million, £2 million or £5 million
  • £50,000
  • £1,000

Loss, theft or accidental damage of your cycle.

Cost of replacing your cycle with new if stolen, lost or accidentally damaged.

Replacement with a same or similar bicycle if yours is stolen, lost, or accidentally damaged (no frame age limit).

Loss, theft or accidental damage to your cycle whilst in Europe.

Your bicycle is stolen, lost, or accidentally damaged whilst being used for named competitive purposes.

Any non-refundable event fee after withdrawal for your sudden, unexpected, and unforeseeable injury; up to £1,000.

If your bicycle is stolen, lost, or accidentally damaged outside the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Europe.

Loss, theft or accidental damage of your cycle from an unattended vehicle.

Stolen, lost, or accidentally damaged attachments, clothing, technology, or trailer; up to £2,000.

Hire of replacement cycle whilst yours is being repaired or replaced.

Reasonable cost of recovery and delivery if your cycle is disabled by loss or damage.

Cover above extended to family members.

Lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged or damaged by coming into contact with liquid; up to £500.

Your legal liability to others for compensation and costs arising from your ownership or use of the bicycle.

Accidental bodily injury sustained whilst riding or pushing your bicycle and within 12 months is the sole cause of death, total and irrevocable loss of hearing, sight or limbs or total permanent disablement.

Injury to mouth and/or teeth whilst riding or pushing your bicycle.

Why Choose Us For Bicycle Insurance

20% Total Discount Available
6 Bikes Covered On Policy
100% Sum Insured Theft

Read The Not Small Print

We dislike jargon and we like to be upfront and clear with customers, but occasionally there are words that we need to use so we've put them in this helpful box of not small print!

Save up to 20% on new policies with our discounts. Discounts are available for use of an Approved Security Identification System (restricted to DataTag and Bike Register) and use of a Sold Secure Approved Diamond Lock.

This is based on a customer located outside of London and the Home Counties insuring a single bicycle for £100 with no Optional Benefits selected.

The customer has opted to pay the annual premium by Monthly instalments. The average premium our customers paid in 2022 was £9.67 per month, with an average £821 sum insured.

The premium can be paid in single annual payments or by 12 monthly instalments.

How do I redeem my promo code discount?
Enter the promo code at checkout or let our team know over the phone and the discount will be applied to the final premium.

Do I need bicycle insurance?
Your household insurance does not always cover your bicycles; therefore you may want specific bicycle insurance.

Can I insure more than one bicycle on my policy?
You are able to insure up to 6 bicycles on one policy.

How much can I insure my bicycle for?
The maximum sum insured is £5,000 per bicycle.

What happens if I have a custom made bicycle?
We would require a full breakdown of the make, model and value of the different components/parts (including the frame details). In the event of a claim we would require the original purchase receipts for these parts.

What type of lock do I need to have?
You are required to have a Sold Secure tested and approved lock, based on the value of the bicycle. Please take a look at our Bicycle Lock List.

What are the security requirements on your bicycle policy?
Full details are provided within our bicycle insurance Security Requirements within our policy wording.

Can I insure my bicycle if it is purchased through the "Cycle to Work Scheme?"
We do offer full cover for bicycles purchased under this scheme. In the event of a claim resulting in total loss, settlement will first be made to clear any outstanding balance owed to a third party.

Will you cover my bicycle trailer?
We cover bicycle trailers in use, at home and in an unattended vehicle for theft, accidental loss & accidental damage if our ‘Bicycle Accessories’ Optional Benefit is chosen.

Can I insure my electric bicycle?
Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPC) are covered by our bicycle insurance but the output must not exceed 250w/15.5 mph.

What is 'New for Old'?
If, within 4 years of the manufacture date, your bicycle is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged, and you have insured the bicycle for the value of a new replacement we will pay up to the new replacement value.

What is 'New for Old for Life'?
If, during the working life of your bicycle, your bicycle is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged, and you have insured the bicycle for the value of a new replacement, and you have chosen the Optional Benefit 'New for Old for Life' we will pay up to the new replacement value.

A lunar monthly policy runs for, and premiums are collected on, equal periods of 28 days. This type of policy renews every 28 days.

Runs for 365 days from the commencement date and time shown on Your policy schedule; automatically renews annually.