Mirrorless vs DSLR: Which Camera is Right for You?

Mirrorless vs DSLR is one of the first questions you should ask yourself when picking up a new camera. Just a few years ago, if you were serious about photography, the answer would be obvious; you’d probably go for the DSLR. Now though, mirrorless cameras have come on in leaps and bounds, and both types […]

We’ve Been Shortlisted as Best Insurance Provider at the Photography News Awards 2020!

At The Insurance Emporium, we work hard to ensure we’re providing the very best service to our policyholders. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve been shortlisted as Best Insurance Provider at the Photography News Awards 2020!  You can vote for us until 25 January 2021 by clicking on the link below! The Photography […]

How to Get the Most from Your On-Camera Flash

The camera flash is a much maligned piece of technology! With some of the awful pictures you see people take it’s easy to see why. When used properly, however, an on-camera flash can be a fantastic weapon in your photographic arsenal, although getting it right can take some practise. If you’re wondering how to get […]

Photo Tips: How to Take Better Selfies

In recent years, the selfie has become a social media staple! Sometimes we can hardly refresh our Instagram feeds without someone having taken a fresh snap of themselves. Whether you’re trying to become an Instagram influencer, tailoring your Tinder profile or simply living your best life, taking a picture of yourself isn’t always easy. That’s […]

The Evolution of Cameras

Today, photography is very much a part of everyday life. Modern smartphones have at least two cameras, allowing you to snap great pictures and videos wherever you are. But you don’t have to go back too far to find photography in its infancy. Although its concept and history dates back thousands of years, photography as […]

The Most Iconic Photos Ever Taken

A picture paints a thousand words and can create an unforgettable adventure in our imaginations forever! But there are some photos that do more than this, and go on to define an era or shape popular culture. We’re taking a look at some of the more memorable in our latest infographic of five of the […]


No matter what you use Instagram for, getting your photos ‘just right’ can make the difference between insta-success and insta-failure! Often, however, it can be difficult to know just how to achieve the effects you’re looking for. If you’re struggling for inspiration, we’ve got your back with our guide to getting amazing shots for Instagram […]


Photography has come a long way since the invention of the pinhole camera! With advances in technology, digital cameras today allow even the most amateur of photographers to take great shots time and time again. There might be something to be said, however, for taking a step back into the world of photographic film. Find […]


So, you’re ready to start your own photography business? At The Insurance Emporium, we love when people can turn their hobbies and passions into part-time money makers or full-time careers! Starting out on your journey to setting up your own photography business can be daunting, but don’t lose focus! It’s the first step in a […]


Photography has changed a lot over the years. Once available only to those with enough money and time; nowadays, armed with smartphones, it seems we can all be photographers! At The Insurance Emporium, we want everyone to be able to get snap happy however they go about their photo-adventures! So we’ve come up with a […]