The highly contagious upper respiratory tract infection “strangles” is known to affect horses, donkeys, and ponies. It is unpleasant for both the horse suffering from it and the stable trying to contain it. One of the most common equine diseases, The British Horse Society estimates that there are approximately 600 strangles outbreaks in the UK […]


Vets across the country are frequently asked “what could I have done to prevent my horse from developing laminitis?” With studies suggesting that 1 in 10 horses/ponies are affected by laminitis each year, it can be a challenging condition, which in many circumstances could have been prevented.  


Saddled up with the urge to go into winter hibernation mode? Well, your horse may have other ideas! Unless it is unsafe to do so, you should try to keep up your horse’s routine and exercise throughout the colder months to prevent injury and boredom. 

Here at The Insurance Emporium, we understand this can be a bit of a challenge which is why we have compiled 11 quick tips on exercising your horse throughout the colder months.

Keeping Pets Calm During Fireworks

According to the PDSA, around 40% of cat and dog owners report that their pet is afraid of fireworks. While many of us enjoy the different sights and sounds during firework season, they can be scary for many animals. With this in mind, check out some ways you can help your dog, cat, and even […]

How To Manage Your Horse’s Weight

Obesity in horses and ponies is increasingly problematic in the UK with studies suggesting up to 85% of pleasure horses are overweight! Being overweight can have serious health implications for your horse, affecting their wellbeing, quality of life and putting them at a higher risk of a number of health problems. Obesity can cause respiratory […]

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Considering Taking up Horse Riding in Later Life?

Whether you spent your childhood years dreaming of owning a pony or strayed from horse riding due to life’s other commitments, it’s never too late to take up horse riding. Not all of us were ‘born in the saddle’, and whilst learning to ride a horse as an adult can seem daunting, horse riding can […]

Caring for Your Horse in Winter

Horses have acclimatised to colder temperatures and can generally live outside year-round. There are however a few additional amenities you may want to provide to make them more comfortable. Here at The Insurance Emporium, we are all about keeping your horses healthy and happy which is why we’ve compiled a list of ways you can […]

Urticaria (Hives) in Horses

Urticaria is a common skin condition that might affect your horse! Otherwise known as hives, there are many different triggers, so finding the exact cause of the problem can be difficult. At The Insurance Emporium, we’ve spoken to our horse health expert all about urticaria in horses. Find out more about the symptoms, causes and […]

Equine Sedation

Sedation can be an incredibly useful tool for your horse. Equine sedation is used in a variety of situations, and there are a range of sedatives available to give to your horse. At The Insurance Emporium, we’ve spoken to our horse health expert all about equine sedation. Read on to find out when you should […]