Life as a cyclist can be complicated. It’s not only the hair-raising experience of cycling in traffic you have to negotiate, but often other cyclists as well! At The Insurance Emporium, we know there are many different types of biker around, but some are easier to spot than others! So it’s time to find out – which type of cyclist are you? Tell us in our poll below!

1. The MAMIL

Otherwise known as “middle aged men in Lycra”, MAMIL regularly hunt in packs! The MAMIL is often spotted on weekends, as part of a cycling club, kitted out head-to-toe in various shades of Lycra and the latest gear. Being largely social cyclists, you can regularly find them taking a quick pit stop at the nearest watering hole, or pub!

2. The Green Machine 

We should all do what we can to protect the environment, but Green Machines take this to another level with their cycling! Often extreme commuters, they can be found pedalling the 30 miles to work in headlong gales and heavy rain in order to avoid driving. These are the excellent type of person who might keenly monitor their home energy usage and turn lights and power sockets off after people to make a point about protecting our environment.  

3. The Cat

Not actually a cat, but these cyclists seem to have the nine lives of one! These are the intrepid people who really seem to have no inkling of their own mortality. Usually owns a rusty bike that’s probably held together by magic and string. Never wears a helmet, despite riding like the wind in all conditions! Often spotted riding in the dark with no lights.

4. The Tomorrow’s People

Sometimes referred to as fair weather cyclists, their best intentions are put aside at the merest hint of rain or the smallest of potential inclines. Always surprised when, after not having been used for four months, the tyres of their bike are flat! Despite their lack of commitment to cycling, they’ll still describe themselves as someone who cycles to work, or possibly even as a Green Machine!

5. The Almost Pro

We’ve all experienced this kind of cyclist. Usually when you’re huffing and puffing your way uphill, only to be overtaken by someone on a cycle the same as yours, but going ten miles per hour faster, with no signs of fatigue… Often to be found out pedalling wearing gear with all matching logos, making you wonder for a moment if they’re sponsored. In reality, they’re just maintaining ‘an image’.

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Let us know which type of cyclist you are:
Let us know which type of cyclist you are:
Let us know which type of cyclist you are:

Which description do you think fits your style of cycling? Do you throw all caution to the wind or are you full of good intentions that amount to very little? Do you aspire to the heights of Chris Froome or are you in it for the company? No matter what kind of cyclist you might be, you could find cycle insurance useful in the event that something goes wrong. The Insurance Emporium offer up to 25% discount* on Cycle Insurance, with a host of Optional Benefits to choose from, such as cover of up to £500 for Bicycle Accessories and Cycling Clothes^. Pedal down to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

* The 25% discount is made up of 15% Introductory Discount plus 5% Aged Related Discount and 5% Security Discount (if appropriate). The Introductory Discount is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies.

^ Cover of up to £500 for Bicycle Accessories and for Cycling Clothes available on lunar monthly policies where the Optional Benefit has been chosen.

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