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The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea are here and the action has been thrilling so far! There are 259 medals on offer in a range of disciplines, so it’s the perfect opportunity for some of the world’s finest winter sports athletes to show what they can do and produce some magic on the snow! Here at The Insurance Emporium we love our pets and thought it would be great to imagine which events they compete in at their very own Pet Winter Olympics! Check out our infographic below to see who we picked for a few events! Just to clarify, we won’t actually be strapping ice skates to a dog or pushing any cats down ski slopes – we don’t condone that!


The Ski Jump is possibly one of the most well-known events in the Winter Olympic schedule. Athletes launch themselves down an icy hill before taking off to the skies at speeds of 60mph! This sounds like the perfect event for a flying feline! High-Rise Syndrome research shows that cats have a 90% chance of surviving a high fall due to the fact that they reach terminal velocity quickly. Paired with an instinct to land on their feet and lack of fear when it comes to heights, they could be the perfect ski jumpers! With its 596 foot vertical drop, the Olympic ski jump shouldn’t bother our moggies! Despite this amazing survival instinct we do not recommend testing it on your poor cat! They may be a resilient animal but a big fall can cause serious injury.

No time to paws!

The 500m Olympic Speed Skate record is held by Casey FitzRandolph and currently stands at 34.42 seconds*. This means that he was travelling an average of 32.4mph! If we wanted to send a pet participant to the Winter Olympics then it’d have to be one of the many breeds of lightning-quick canine! The Saluki can reach up to speeds of 32mph, putting it neck-and-neck with Casey! However, a Greyhound could leave Casey eating doggy-dust! This racing dog can get up to speeds of around 45mph, although we’re not sure how it’d fare in a pair of skates on the ice! Check out some more of the fastest dog breeds at Toby’s Bone and see who else could beat Casey to the gold!

Best in snow

Even watching the cross-country skiing at the Winter Olympics can be tiring! With events that stretch up to 50km, dashing through the snow on a pair of skis can be a seriously demanding event. However, this one might just be a doddle for the snow-loving husky dog! Huskies were originally bred for long distance sled-pulling so they would most likely have no issue taking on any of the cross-country events at the Winter Olympics. The annual Alaskan Iditarod Race is famously gruelling for its competitors, with sled teams known to travel nearly 1000 miles through blizzards and sub-zero temperatures in just 8 days! That’s snow joke!

Feline face-off

Ice hockey originated in Canada and is a huge deal across Northern America. The Winter Olympics has featured ice hockey since 1924 and, due to its fast paced action and excitement, is always a draw for fans. It might be an obvious choice to pick the ‘mighty duck’ for this event, however we think that the rough and tumble nature of the sport makes it perfect for the Maine Coon cat! This cat is the biggest domesticated breed, the current World Record holder is 2ft 10.6 inches long**. It is also known to be fond of water, so the Maine Coon should be able to handle itself on the ice! Also, their paws are specially adapted for snow, meaning we think this particular breed could be a mean, feline, ice hockey-machine!

Moggy Mascot

Every Olympics needs its own mascot and it often takes the form of a cuddly character that dances around at the opening ceremony! The 2018 Winter Olympics mascot is named Soohorang and is derived from the white tiger. It’s common knowledge that a domesticated housecat shares a lot in common with the tiger, however it may surprise you to learn that research shows that they actually have as much as 95% DNA in common^! We think that a beautiful white Persian cat could fill the role of the mascot at our Pet Winter Olympics, especially with that striking white fur and those kitty-model looks! Me-ow!

The Winter Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet and the thought of our pets competing is definitely a fun one! Something else to think about could be Cat Insurance. You never know when your cat might unexpectedly try out an extreme sport of its own! At The Insurance Emporium, all of our Pet Insurance policies offer a 20% Introductory Discount and our lunar monthly Accident Only cat policy offers up to £3,000 for Vet’s Fees for each injury, illness or condition caused by an accident. Skate on down to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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**©Guinness World Records

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