Struggling with Veganuary? 10 Tips to keep you on Track

2019 proved that the current trend for veganism is here to stay! Once seen as the preserve of just a few dedicated individuals eating a diet primarily composed of brown things, the latest research claims there are now 600,000 vegans in the UK alone! Making the switch to a plant-based diet, however, isn’t always plain sailing, and sometimes we can all need a helping hand. So if you’re heading on a meat and dairy free adventure and giving Veganuary a go, and finding it a challenge, we’ve got some helpful tips to keep you on track!

Veganuary - pulled jackfruit burger

Plan your meals

Ever find yourself peckish, with no food in the house, wandering round the supermarket, and picking up foods you don’t want or need on a whim? Instead, why not plan out all your meals for the week and make shopping lists, so you know exactly what you’re eating and have it to hand? This can be one of the simplest ways to make sure you stick to any change in diet!

Take it online

Not everyone has easy access to chia seeds, vegan feta and agave syrup. If your local shop isn’t getting your vegan juices flowing, why not take a look online for ingredients? The Vegan Kind Supermarket is a good place to start for all your grocery needs. If you’re really feeling a hankering for cheese, artisan producers such as I am Nut OK and Tyne Chease have amazing ranges of vegan alternatives! 

Veganise your favourites!

Just because you’re opting for a plant-based diet, doesn’t mean you can’t eat your old favourites! There are plenty of vegan meat alternatives out there, such as burgers, ham slices, mince and nuggets. Try these comforting recipes for lasagne, mac and cheese, and even shepherd’s pie!     

Go out for a change

It’s easy to find yourself at a loss for inspiration in the kitchen, so why not try going out for a meal with your friends or family instead? Nowadays there are plenty of vegan and veggie restaurants to be found. Even non-plant-based eateries are offering a much better range of vegan options. The website Happy Cow is a really good resource to search out vegan-friendly locations near you!  

Accidentally vegan

Veganuary - vegan lasange

This is a great example of why you should always read food labels! Did you know that there are many foods out there that aren’t vegan by design but are accidentally vegan? For example, you can still eat Oreos, ginger nuts and party rings. Most ready-made pastry is vegan, as are prawn cocktail crisps. If you feel the urge for a Pot Noodle, five of their flavours (including Bombay Bad Boy) won’t compromise your Veganuary!

Give an animal a hug

When the going gets tough, remind yourself why you made the decision to give up animal-based products for either the short or long term. It might have been due to environmental concerns, or to support animal welfare. If it’s because of the latter, try visiting a small animal farm to remind yourself of who you’re doing this for. Go on, cuddle a piglet, why not?

Plant based can be fast too

With the clamour surrounding Veganuary 2020, fast food chains have started getting in on the action. You can now find plant-based options at Burger King and KFC. Although these introductions haven’t been made without causing some controversy, they could help you to satisfy a craving for something naughty!

Get support

It’s always harder to achieve something when you’re going it alone! So try to get your friends and family on your side. Even if they’re not taking an active part in Veganuary, if those around you can offer support, it might make a great deal of difference should you find yourself struggling. You’ll be surprised how much simple things like others remembering to put oat milk in your tea can matter!

Veganuary - colourful vegan salad

Don’t forget to eat well!

Eating a plant-based diet can be really nutritionally fulfilling, but you’ll have to put the effort in! The most common nutrients vegans can lack are omega-3, which can be found in seaweed, chia seeds and nuts; vitamin B-12, which you can get from fortified nut milks, cereals and Marmite; and protein. Good sources of protein can be nuts, mushrooms and tofu. Keeping on top of a balanced diet, full of the right nutrients will make you feel fresher and more positive about the change!

Don’t beat yourself up!

We all make mistakes. All of us. And you might realise that you forgot to ask for soy milk in your coffee the other morning, or that biscuit you just ate wasn’t, in fact, vegan. These things happen, and the important thing is that you carry on regardless. Beating yourself up, or feeling like you’ve made a mistake and might as well just quit will inevitably lead to failure. The important lesson to learn is that you don’t have to be perfect 100% of the time, just try your best as often as possible.

Hopefully we’ve given you a little inspiration to help make the rest of your Veganuary a positive and fulfilling experience! While you’re thinking about looking after your diet, you might also want to consider the wellbeing of other aspects of your life. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer specialist insurance products, from pets to caravans and horses to cameras. Head to our product pages to see if we could have the perfect policy for you!

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