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Introducing a new cat or dog to your home is the start of a magical adventure for you and your furry friend! With so much to do before and after bringing a new pet into your household, it might seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together some of our top tips for introducing your new four-legged friend into the family while keeping them happy and healthy. We’re also giving away four week’s free Pet Insurance with the Promo Code PET19*!

Choose your furry friend

When it comes to dogs, there are countless breeds you can choose from! Some are playful and energetic, and need miles of walking every day. Others are happier joining you on the sofa for a cuddle! Why not check out our blog Choosing the Right Breed of Dog to make your decision a little easier? While most domesticated cats are moggies, there’s a huge range of pedigree breeds available too! Whether you’re looking for a tiny little Munchkin cat or a monstrous Maine Coon, it’s worth doing your research before choosing your furry friend. Make sure your pet is from a reputable breeder too – visit their home, ensure the breeder is knowledgeable, and try to meet one of the pet’s parents as well!

Buy the essentials

Before your little canine companion or feline friend arrives, you’ll need to buy the essentials. Whether you’re preparing for a puppy or a kitten, you’ll want a travel crate, or something similar to transport your new pet. Both dogs and cats are also going to need beds, toys, bowls and food to fill them with! You’ll need a lead and collar or harness for a dog, as well as a crate and training pads. For a kitten, remember you’ll need a litter tray and some cat litter too.

Prepare your house

Puppies and kittens alike are known to be curious little terrors, and can get where even water can’t! Remember to seal up any small gaps so your new friend won’t get stuck trying to explore, or even worse, escape! If some rooms are off-limits, baby gates can work wonders to stop any misbehaving. Just be aware that cats will be able to scale them with ease before long! Wires can also be very chewable for a teething puppy or kitten. Not only can this damage your electronics, it can be dangerous for your pet too! Keep them out of harm’s way.


Contrary to popular belief, puppy training can begin almost straight away, with most pups able to learn simple commands at just eight weeks old! You’ll want to start toilet training your new animals as soon as possible too, to minimise any mess. This is a little easier for kittens, as they’ll most likely already be used to a litter tray by the time they arrive at your home. It’s important to set boundaries for behaviour when they’re young too, so it doesn’t get out of control as they get older!


This is an incredibly important one. You shouldn’t let your new pets leave the house without the proper vaccinations. According to the RSPCA, kittens should be vaccinated at nine weeks old and three months old, and then receive yearly booster vaccinations. The RSPCA also say that puppies are typically vaccinated at eight and ten weeks (although they can be vaccinated as early as four to six weeks of age), with the second set of vaccinations being given two to four weeks later. They’ll then require a booster vaccination at either six or twelve months old. Remember to always speak to your vet about the best time to vaccinate your furry friend, and ask for their advice on booster vaccinations. Read more about The Importance of Vaccinating Your Pet!


There’s a lot to think about when trying to keep your puppy or kitten healthy and happy. But if you show them the love, care and affection they need, you will already be on your way to a magical new adventure!

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