Many a golfer out there loves to look sharp when they’re on the course. Getting that perfect golfing outfit is a balancing act between allowing for excellent performance, obeying club or tournament dress codes and letting your personality shine through. Although golf clothes tend to be a little conservative, there are still ways to inject some quirkiness into your look. At The Insurance Emporium, we had a look at some of golf’s more unusual clothing.

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Print’s charming

There are a lot of golf courses that enforce a strict dress code, which often includes things like rules on the length of shorts or skirts and a need for tops to have a collar. While these aspects may already be decided, some golfers opt to carve out their individuality with a wild print on their clothing. Detailed floral prints, harlequin patterns, flags and more have been printed onto golf tops, trousers and shorts!

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Eat my skorts!

When you want the practicality of shorts as well as the femininity of a skirt, a skort could be the perfect compromise. For some reason, skorts have never really caught on outside of the golf or tennis courts. While the kinds of skorts seen on tennis courts are a familiar sight, these can be too short to be deemed appropriate for certain golf courses. That’s why golf skorts tend to be much longer. You might want to try on a few before buying to make sure that the one you like is the right length to satisfy your course’s rules.

So-lar so good!

If skorts are clothing items rarely seen outside of the sporting world, then solar sleeves are even more uncommon away from the golf course. Nevertheless, these garments have become fairly popular among professional and amateur golfers alike. Solar sleeves are basically snugly-fitting coverings just for your arms. There are a few reasons why they appeal to players; they protect your arms from the sun and insects, they keep your arms warm without you having to layer up your clothing and, if you choose compression sleeves, they could help to improve your play.

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Heading in the right direction

Certain sporting grounds, including golf courses, are probably the only places where it has been socially acceptable to wear a visor since the mid-nineties. However, they have endured well on the golf course because of their practicality over other types of head gear. They’re lighter and better ventilated than traditional caps and are less likely to overheat your head. You could also move them around more easily than other peaked caps, allowing you to adjust for more sun protection. Plus, some might suggest you could pull a visor off as a ‘retro’ look!

While some golf courses have conservative dress codes, it seems that the green is still a place where you can show off some more unusual styles. Your golf gear, from clubs to clothing, is likely something that you care a lot about. That’s why it could be wise to get golf insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, you could get up to 30% off on a new golf insurance policy. You could also choose cover for Golf Clothes as an Optional Benefit. Swing by The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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