Golf can be a great way to get outdoors, exercise, learn new skills and socialise! It doesn’t have to be just the grown-ups getting out on the course, however! Golf can be a fun activity for the whole family! At The Insurance Emporium, we know that trying to get kids involved in new sports can be tough! That’s why we’ve produced this helpful guide on how to get your family into golf.

how to get your family into golf

1. Take them with you

When you’re heading out on your next golfing adventure, why not take your children along? It could be a good chance to teach them some good golfing etiquette, and let them see what it’s all about! Bear in mind, however, that this might work best at off-peak times, when you know they won’t get in the way of other golfers.

2. Emphasise the fun

If your kids don’t like the thought of an 18-hole course straight away (which many probably won’t), find fun ways to introduce them to the game. There are many crazy golf venues around, and footgolf is becoming more popular. You never know, these might lead to a love for the game in the long run!

3. Get on the programme

Finding a golf programme could be a great way to get your family onto the golfing scene! The Golf Foundation is a really good organisation that does a lot to engage children from all backgrounds. Alternatively, if your child shows an interest, you could get them some lessons from an instructor.

how to get your family into golf

4. Treat them

As a child it’s really difficult learning to play with the wrong clubs, so why not treat them to their own set? Armed with a driver that’s the right size and weight, they might be surprised at how much quicker they pick up the game! It could also be giving them a gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

5. Keep it short!

A full 18-hole golf experience might be too much for younger generations to begin with, so you might want to try and find junior and family courses to play on. Alternatively, if you find that by the ninth green their attention’s flagging, you can always stop the game there instead of completing the entire course.

6. Be patient

Even history’s greatest golfers probably weren’t hitting 13 under par from day one! Don’t expect too much from children (or adults) who are just starting out in golf. If you put lots of pressure on them, you could risk putting them off for life. A little patience can go a long way! 

how to get your family into golf

7. Enjoy!

Even if you have a love for the game of golf, it doesn’t mean everyone will! If your family aren’t enjoying their time out on the green they’ll probably make it fairly obvious. Pay attention to this, because if they’re not having fun it could be that either you need to change your approach – or maybe it’s just not the sport for them!

If you’re a keen golfer, getting the whole family involved could be really rewarding and make for some fantastic future adventures! With the potential costs that can be incurred by regular playing, it could be wise to consider taking out golf insurance to help protect your equipment should anything go awry. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer three different cover levels on our Golf Insurance, with a range of Optional Benefits to choose from, such as Family Member Cover. You could even get up to 30% discount* when you take out a policy!  

* The 30% discount is made up of 20% Introductory Discount plus 10% Club Member Discount (if appropriate). The Introductory Discount is available for the first 12 premium payments on lunar and calendar monthly policies or one premium payment on annual policies.

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