For many horse riders, the thrill of entering into competition and eventing is the pinnacle of their horse riding adventures. However, getting into shape for an event where you’ll be expected to show off your dressage, cross-country and show jumping skills is no mean feat! Making sure that you have a training plan in place for the winter months could be a very important factor when it comes to getting into shape for the season! Here at The Insurance Emporium, we want to help you put in a magical performance! Check out our guide to eventing training this winter!

1. Get planning

The winter months might be frustrating and make it difficult to get out and about but it doesn’t necessarily have to be wasted time! Using this time to plan a training schedule could be a great idea! 

2. Warm up

Before you start any exercise regime, you might want to think about completing a proper warm up! This should help to relax your horse and allow you to get the most out of training!

3. Hit the road!

For the first few weeks, you might want to start by building up some fitness in your horse. Spending at least a month walking on roads could be the ideal place to start.

4. Run to the hills!

After building up a good base of fitness on the roads, it could be worth introducing some light hill work for your equine. This is in preparation for the cross-country events.

5. Get off!

Remember, as the nights get darker its quality over quantity! A lunging session will allow you to keep your horse fit and stretch and strengthen their muscles when you don’t have time to school. You can use this time to check their form from the ground. It could also be good for them to do some work without the extra weight!

6. Get those pulses racing

In order to improve your horse’s cardiovascular fitness, interval training could be the answer. Changing between walking, trotting and a canter, as well as increasing the intervals over time could be helpful.

7. Don’t overdo it

It’s worth being mindful of over-conditioning your horse. Once your equine has hit their competition level of fitness, you might want to think about slowing down and making sure you’re not pushing your four-legged friend too hard!

8. Put yourself in pole position 

Once you’ve moved on to canter work, it could be the time to start some pole work in order to help build up your horse’s balance. Jumping straight and maintaining a good rhythm could be very important here!

Preparing for the eventing season can be hard work but could all be worth it when you and your horse enter into competition in prime condition! Getting a well-thought-out plan in place could also be important in helping avoid injury during training. To further try to protect yourself from the unexpected, you might also want to consider purchasing some Horse Insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, our Horse Insurance policies include cover for Death, Theft or Straying up to 100% of Sum Insured/Market Value, whichever is less. Trot on down to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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