There’s a certain art to getting the perfect photos of the natural world. However, with a bit of knowledge, practice and the right gear, you can work a little magic behind the camera to get those stunning shots. At The Insurance Emporium, we’re keen to help you out on your photography adventures. That’s why we’ve put together these tips on taking beautiful nature photos, which could help you out on your next nature photography trip.

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1. Get the right light

While natural light can be great for making your photography subjects look awesome – the key is getting the right amount of it! Try to aim to take photos in nature around sunrise or sunset – photographers call this the “golden hour”. Otherwise, overcast days could help balance the light a bit. Avoid the harsh lighting and dark shadows created by the midday sun.

2. Careful composition

Think about how you can use elements of your shot to make the picture look great. Consider the rule of thirds – this is where you imagine lines across and down your image, forming a grid of nine, and the best place to position your subject is where the lines meet. Lead-in lines, where diagonal lines lead from the edges of the image to your subject, could also be a handy composition technique.

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3. Have a little patience

Whether you’re trying to get a good shot of a wild animal or you’re seeking the right light for that landscape you’re trying to capture, patience is very much a virtue! Animals are tricky to photograph but if you know where the one you’re trying to shoot is going to be and you’re prepared to wait then you’ll have a better chance. Similarly with landscapes, arrive with time to set up, pick your shots and wait for the light to land on it just right.

4. Location information

Knowing the area that you are photographing could help a lot. You might be able to plan the pictures that you are going to take in advance, taking the scenery into account as well as the kinds of animals that are common to the area. If the place you’re photographing has opening hours then you could accurately plan the best time to be there for the photos that you have in mind.

Camera insurance

5. All the gear and some idea

It isn’t always necessary to spend thousands of pounds on a lot of high quality camera equipment, however packing the right gear for the job could be advantageous. For example, if you’re taking pictures of wildlife, a zoom lens could ensure you get a close-up photo. A tripod might also be useful for steady landscape and wildlife shots.

If you do have some trusty camera equipment that helps you get the best out of your passion for photography then it could be worth getting insurance to protect it. The Insurance Emporium’s Camera Insurance includes Standard Benefits such as New For Old* for four years. New customers could also get a 25% Introductory Discount^ for the first year of their policy. Head to The Insurance Emporium to snap up a quote!

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