The dating game can be a fun and exciting way to meet people and potentially find the person that you want to spend your life with. It can also be a magical time where you discover the things that you have in common and mutually share the things that you love in life. Dating a horse rider can be a fantastic adventure, with their passion for all things equine potentially bringing an extra element to a relationship. At The Insurance Emporium, we know how much horse riders love their animals and the important part that it plays in their lives! For those thinking of dating a horse rider we wanted to try and help make your relationship as easy as a canter down a country lane! Take a look at five things we think you should know about dating an equestrian fanatic!

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Things are about to get messy!

If you want to date a horse rider then you might want to get used to the sight of muddy footprints and hay finding their way around the house! Mucking out the stables and taking care of a horse is not a clean business! Therefore, your partner coming home covered in dirt, horse hair and straw is likely to become normal. Similarly, if you dare set foot into their car then you best make sure that you’ve got the stomach for an equine pong! The amount of clothing and tack that they ferry about in their vehicle is bound to leave a smell! Speaking of clothes, you might find that your wardrobe space diminishes very quickly when you date a horse rider. With an array of different riding clothes from mucking-out scruffs to eventing gear, it’s likely that you’ll find equine equipment taking over your closet very quickly!

Rise and shine!

Equestrians aren’t just horsing around when it comes to keeping a steed! It takes hours of committed care to ensure that a horse is properly taken care of. If your partner takes part in weekend eventing, you may well find yourself up before the sun to trail across the country. Surely there’ll be weekends with no events? Even so, your partner could well be up and out of the house, possibly returning before you’re even awake! As for holidays, do you even understand how hard it’ll be to get the horse put in a good livery for the week?! You might find yourself kissing goodbye to that lavish Vegas holiday and settling for a day out in Skegness! On the bright side, all of this goes to show just how committed your horse-riding partner is when it comes to the things that they love!

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Sharing the love

It could be worth getting used to this one as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment! You are never going to be the only thing that your horse-mad partner truly loves! If you can come to accept the fact that your mug will be sharing the mantelpiece with framed pictures of their prized steed, then you might have a chance to make it work! You should also be prepared for your partner to drop you at any time of day if they receive a call from the stables. One key thing to get your head around in the early stages is that your partner’s horse is not just a pet – They’re a best friend, a child, a confidant and they probably don’t leave the toilet seat up or down as often as you do! You should feel honoured to come a close second in this one-horse race!

Hitting the gym-khana!

Hours of hard work and physical labour in the yard, coupled with thigh burning exercise atop a horse could put your equestrian flame at the peak of physical condition. There’s no doubt that a day at the stables can be physically hard graft and a horse-lover is well used to getting stuck in without a second thought. There’s no shame in being out-muscled by your significant other, in fact it could be particularly helpful when it comes to lifting the shopping into the house or performing manual labour around the home. When it comes to DIY, a horse rider can often lend a very helpful hand with their extensive range of skills picked up around the stables. Whatever happens, you’ll possibly be entering into a relationship with a super-fit companion! Just avoid going to the gym with them if you don’t fancy being put to shame!

Horse Insurance

Learn to be supportive

At The Insurance Emporium, we believe in following your passions in life and encouraging adventure. For a horse rider, this obsession with all things equine could dominate all aspects of their life including your relationship together. It could make a big difference if you were to support and show an interest in this when your romance is blossoming. It’s likely the equestrian lifestyle will take up a lot of your significant others time and, quite possibly, money. It could go a long way to ask some questions about their hobby, interact with their horse or even show up to some events. If you’re really feeling committed, showing your face at the stables to help out could immediately move you into the marriage material bracket! There’s nothing that says “I love you!” more than being knee-deep in horse manure!

Horse riding is a pastime that can be enjoyed by anyone. You might even find yourself saddling up alongside your partner! If you do join your other half on horseback, it could be helpful to have Horse Insurance in place. At The Insurance Emporium, we offer 20% Introductory Discount on our new Horse Insurance policies, with a further 10% off Multi-horse Discount if you do catch your partner’s equine passion! Take the reins and head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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