Purrfect Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats

Like it or not, this year’s Christmas adventures are just around the corner! While you’re busy hunting presents for your friends and family, we’re sure you’ll also want to get a festive treat for your feline too! If you’re struggling to know what to give them, never fear, because here at The Insurance Emporium we’ve […]

The Best Times to Ignore your Phone

Technology is advancing faster than ever, and nowadays, what used to be the humble phone now can feel like a tiny supercomputer! With a whole galaxy of apps and adventures available with only the swipe of a finger, it can become all too easy to get lost within the world of your smartphone and forget […]

Our Guide to the Olympia Horse Show 2019

We might all be gearing up to get ready for Christmas, but before the year comes to an end there are still some magical adventures to be had in the equestrian world! The Olympia Horse Show will be taking place between the 16th and the 22nd of December, and promises to be as spectacular as […]

Voting in the General Election: Information for Students

No doubt you’ve heard about it already, but there’s a general election coming on December the 12th! Working out how best to vote can be tricky enough, but when you’re living away from home as a student it can be extra tough. That’s why we’re helping you get clued up with our essential information all […]

9 Tips for making Better Decisions

All of us have been faced with a tough decision at some point in our lives, and can understand just how difficult being decisive can be! Even working out what to have for dinner can be a minefield of doubt! Decision-making is a skill, however, and we can all learn methods that make finding resolution […]

How to make a Successful Instagram Account for your Pet

If, like us, you’re a massive fan of fur babies everywhere, you’ll be familiar with the countless cats and dog on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube! From Grumpy Cat to Doug the Pug or Doge to Henri, le Chat Noir, pets dominate the online world. If you’ve been wondering how to get your four-legged friend in […]

Which Dog Breed are you?

One of the reasons we think dogs are so great is because they’re each so unique! However, different breeds do tend to exhibit different character traits. It’s often said that dogs look like their owners, but it’s also true to say that some can also act like people, just with slightly more hair (unless we’re […]

Choosing your Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, bringing a splash of colour and a touch of the natural world to even the plainest of settings! While you can source pretty much any flower all year round, the best (and cheapest!) blooms will be those that are in season locally. With so much variety out […]

Our top 10 Movies of the Decade

Can you believe we’re coming to the end of yet another decade? We’ve all been on so many different adventures over the past ten years, and we’re looking back at some of the best! The world of film has come a long way since 2010, becoming more spectacular, magical and bold than ever. Which got […]

Keep your Cat Safe from Antifreeze Poisoning

As the temperatures drop with the approach of winter, antifreeze can become useful for keeping your car going, or even your garden water feature running! Unfortunately, the active substance, ethylene glycol, that’s found in most antifreeze can be extremely fatal to cats. We’re sharing more information on the poison, as well as how you can […]