Our Commitment to Being Green...

It’s not easy being green but it is definitely worthwhile. We all have a responsibility to this planet. As individuals, families, nations, organisations and companies. The Insurance Emporium takes this responsibility very seriously and that is why we have introduced our 6-point Be Green manifesto.

Our Planet Friendly Pledge

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1. Paperless

As much as it is possible in any modern business, we are endeavouring to go paperless; to cut down on the use of paper and toner by printing less. Only essential documents are printed, customers have been encouraged to receive any information by email and staff use electronic files such as PDFs and JPEGs.

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3. Great Minds Think Alike

Green responsibility is a shared responsibility. We are constantly looking for like-minded companies to work with and we look to change suppliers if this isn’t the case. An example of this is our print company who are ISO 14001 and PEFC certified.

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5. Recycle

Every office at The Insurance Emporium building contains three bins for sorting rubbish into paper, plastic or metal and signage provides staff with a constant reminder of this. Waste toner and unused electronic equipment is picked up from site by external companies who recycle and either reuse or repurpose.

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2. Unplug

In a large, modern office there are numerous power outlets. Any that are switched on but unused are wasting energy and money. Our Unplug Initiative ensures that devices such as PCs, printers, phone chargers and desk fans, which are plugged in and not in use, are switched off and unplugged.

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4. Travel Smart

An office with over 100 hundred employees could mean a large carbon footprint created by commuting. From the moment a new employee starts, they are informed and encouraged to take part in a carpool scheme that minimises the number of vehicles on the road.

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6. FreeCycle

We believe that an employee’s Green responsibilities lie not just within the office. We encourage employees to advertise, both on physical and digital noticeboards, any used items that may be given away, exchanged or sold. This saves on unnecessary purchasing of new items and throwing away of anything perfectly usable.

Want To Join The Green Team?

If you want to know more about our environmental initiatives and Be Green manifesto, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be happy to fill you in on what we’re doing!

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