Getting Back To Fishing Now Lockdown Restrictions Are Relaxed

With lockdown easing*, fishing is back on! Great news for those of us pushing ourselves to walk, run or cycle yet dreaming of sitting by the lake. Even with our passions slowly coming back into our lives, there are some restrictions in place. With some changes to your usual routine, you can have a good time catching some fish in the great outdoors. Here are some things to consider before you get back to the water!

Pick your spot

Fishing lockdown relaxed

It’s easy to get lost in your head daydreaming about all your favourite fishing spots opening up again. Just remember that other fishing enthusiasts are doing the same. Lakes and ponds may start filling up fast! Try to think of those less popular areas you enjoy visiting and try to go there as an alternative to your typical spot. You’ll be less likely to need to turn around if it’s not overrun.

Casting yourself far away?

When picking your spot, you may be thinking about places far from home. You should consider conveniences when planning your fishing trip. For now, it’s still best to stay close to home as places like cafes and public toilets will likely be closed. You don’t want to be caught short three hours from home!

What’s your bait?

Lockdown probably means your bait shop will be closed. Even with lockdown easing, it may not be open yet. If you can’t buy bait, you may be able to make some at home – and that doesn’t mean finding your own maggots! There are bait recipes online to get the fish biting so you don’t need to wait for your local shop to open up again.

Check equipment

Fishing lockdown relaxed

Make sure your equipment is still in top condition; you don’t want things to fall apart the first time you cast the rod! Give your equipment a check before you go out to ensure your first trip back to the waterside is as good as you remember.

Take food and drink

Cafes and pubs are closed right now so you’ll most likely need to take your own lunch. With temperatures rising as we get closer to Summer, you’ll also want to take plenty of drinks. You can be out fishing for as long as you like so could pack enough food for the whole day if you want to. Don’t mix up your food with the bait, though!

Stay distanced

Fishing lockdown relaxed

You can meet up with a friend again! Social distancing still applies and you can’t get within two metres of them. As with the previous lockdown rules, you can go fishing with people from your own household. Maybe you want to go out on your own; to sit by a lake and relax. To stay safe, try and pick a nice spot away from where people will pass by regularly.

Have fun!

Life isn’t quite back to normal as yet, but you can let go of some stress while your line is cast out into the calmness of the lake. With all the social distancing and planning, sit back and enjoy your fishing! Grab a little taste of normality before everything starts up again!

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* This information is correct for England as of 10/06/2020 and can be subject to change. Please be aware social distancing measures and allowed exercise may vary between countries within the United Kingdom. Please follow official guidelines set out by your local authority.

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