How to Make Your Own Crazy Golf Course: Keep the Kids Entertained During Lockdown!

Since we have all been stuck indoors these last couple of months, it can be difficult enough to keep yourself busy, let alone finding things to keep the kids entertained! So if you’re running out of ideas and don’t mind a bit of friendly competition, why not try making your own crazy golf course? It’s fun, easy, and you shouldn’t need any special equipment! Even though you can now hit the fairway as lockdown starts to ease, here’s our guide to making your own crazy golf course using items from around the house!

Your equipment

make your own crazy golf course

You’ll need a club and some balls before you start playing crazy golf! Using an adult-sized putter might not be the best idea if you’re setting a course up with your kids, so you might want to buy a plastic putter set*. It’s also probably not a great idea to use real golf balls if you’re playing inside! Instead, you could try using ping pong balls if you have any, or practice golf balls*.

And it’s not a real golf course without holes! Try using duct tape, taping down any spare plastic cups or Tupperware you might have around the house. For younger players, you could also use a bucket turned on its side, to make the game a little easier!

Ideas for your homemade crazy golf course   

make your own crazy golf course

Once you’ve got your putters, golf balls and holes sorted out, you’re going to need to design your course. Here are some ideas for obstacles you can make from things you might have around the house. Remember, the crazier the better!

Stuffed toys and teddies

A quick and easy way to theme your crazy golf holes and courses can be to use toys, teddies and other stuffed animals! Animal toys can make great decorations for jungle-themed courses, which is perfect if you’re playing crazy golf out in the garden!

Cardboard box tunnels

If you’ve been ordering online more often during lockdown, don’t throw away your cardboard boxes! They might be your best friend while making your crazy golf obstacles. The simplest thing you can do with your leftover boxes is cut holes into them to create a tunnel to hit your golf balls through. You could even create multiple holes leading to different paths for some extra challenge!

Homemade ramps

Another simple cardboard idea is to make a ramp from your spare boxes. We told you they’d come in handy! With some strategic cutting, folding and sticking down with duct tape, you can make a simple ramp from a cardboard box. If you have sturdier materials on hand, you could make a ramp outdoors simply with a piece of plywood leaning against something heavy like a plant pot or some blocks. You could even set up two ramps opposite each other to make a jump!

Reuse old books

Old books can become great obstacles for your crazy golf course! You could stack them to make barriers, open them up on their side to make tunnels, or even use them as part of your ramps. It’s a great way to reuse some of the old books your kids might have grown out of!

Recycle toilet roll tubes

Old toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes can be used to create obstacles too! Lay them on their side and use them as tunnels, stack them to create barriers, or fix them to your other cardboard box obstacles for decoration, or to create miniature castles. Just remember to fix them down if you don’t want your carefully arranged golf course to come apart!

Putting it all together

make your own crazy golf course

Once you’ve made a few obstacles, it’s time to put them together into a course! Remember, you don’t have to just stick with one obstacle per hole. Why not create a suspended tunnel by fixing your cardboard tubes between two ramps? You could use either one large ramp as the basis of a hole, or several smaller ones to jump between obstacles. You could even fill containers with water to act as moats. That’s probably not the best idea for indoor courses, though!

Decorate your course

If you’re looking to keep the kids busy for even longer, you could even help them decorate their course and obstacles. Paint trees and animals for a jungle theme, castles, knights and dragons for a medieval theme, or stars for a space theme. Inspiration might even strike for some new course layouts! Remember, the possibilities are endless!

We hope this blog helps give you some ideas to keep the kids entertained while we’re moving into phase 1 of lockdown! With the recent announcement of golf courses now being open for teeing off once again, you can play your usual 18 holes! If you’re itching to get out on the fairway, you might want to make sure your golf clubs are covered. At The Insurance Emporium, our Golf Insurance provides cover for your Golf Equipment up to £5,000^! You could even get up to 30% discount†! Head on down to The Insurance Emporium to find out more.

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