Unmissable Wedding Trends for 2020

Planning your wedding can be a truly magical adventure, but with so many things to consider, it can also be a complete minefield! Here, at The Insurance Emporium, we’re here to help keep you in the know and on trend with the latest developments in all things matrimonial. Read on to discover some of the most unmissable wedding trends in 2020!

Wedding trends - bride and groom sit on stage

Bottoms up!

There’s been an increase in micro weddings of 40 people or less, and more couples than ever are opting for greater informality and individuality in their nuptials. One fantastic way of achieving this is to let your guests help themselves to drinks! Whether that means draught beers on tap, or cocktail and prosecco stations, it could be a great method of making everyone feel at home!

Plant-based feasts

Increasingly, people are realising the impact that industrialised meat and dairy production has upon our planet, and are eating more plant-based diets. Not only this, but meat eaters are becoming more tolerant and open to alternatives! In 2020, expect to see more exclusively veggie and vegan meals at wedding receptions, as well as menus catering to allergies and intolerances.

Going green

wedding trends - pretty bouquets of flowers suspended in used light bulbs

We mentioned sustainability in our wedding trends blog for 2019, and it’s here to stay in 2020! One big wedding trend for décor recently has been more couples opting to source local, seasonal blooms for their flower displays, as well as plants that can be re-potted. You could even pick up on the trend for pot plants and get creative with potted displays that can also be given out as favours! Check out our guide to seasonal wedding flowers here.

Dress to impress time and again!

For most brides, your wedding dress will be one of the most important aspects of planning for your wedding day. But doesn’t it seem a shame to only wear it once? Over the next year, predictions are that more and more brides-to-be will choose a dress they can wear on other occasions (you might as well get the most out of it!). Also expect to find more dresses with discreet but practical pockets!

A personal note

If you’re wondering what the next wedding attire trends might be, look no further than the Biebers! Since Hailey Bieber had ‘till death do us part embroidered in huge letters onto her veil, more couples have been incorporating their own notes of affection into their wedding attire, albeit on a smaller scale. Whether this means a discrete message inside your partner’s shoe, or stitching your best-loved song lyric somewhere onto your dress, it’s a personal touch that could make your day just that little extra special.

Wedding trends - bride and groom bring dog to their wedding

Pawfect day!

We love pets at The Insurance Emporium, and we know many of our customers do too! That’s why we’re thrilled to notice more happy couples choosing to get their dogs, cats and other animals involved with their big day. From canine ring bearers, equine guests, to cardboard cut outs if your pet can’t be there in ‘person’, prepare for absolute cuteness overload!

Whether you choose to follow the trends or go your own way, your big day is sure to be the most magical occasion! To help protect your nuptials in case anything goes wrong, why not consider taking out wedding insurance? At The Insurance Emporium, we offer Wedding Insurance policies for both UK and overseas weddings, with seven different levels of cover, helping you find the perfect policy for your perfect day!       

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