Your Story: Lynda and her two Terriers

It’s never easy seeing one of our canine companions feel under the weather, let alone two of them! We spoke to Lynda Hickman whose two dogs, Eddie and Poppy, both recently became ill. Eddie the Lakeland Terrier has been suffering from bilateral otitis, a type of ear infection, while poor Poppy the Australian Silky Terrier has undergone soft tissue surgery to remove skin lesions. We spoke to Lynda all about her two Terriers, their conditions and how they’re doing now!

Rescue Pups

Lynda rehomed both Eddie and Poppy. Eddie the Lakeland Terrier was adopted from a rescue centre in Lancaster. Originally named Harvey, the Hickmans renamed the dog Eddie. “As in Edward Bear!” Lynda told us. Eddie came from Brighton, but after his original owners separated, they could no longer look after him. “They obviously spent a lot of time on him,” said Lynda, “because he’s really well trained and full of character!”


Poppy, on the other hand, came from further afield. The Australian Silky Terrier originated from Poland, before moving to Gloucester with her original owner. She was then rehomed with an older gentleman. When he unfortunately became too ill to look after Poppy, Lynda adopted the Australian Silky Terrier!

Bilateral Otitis

Lynda first noticed something was wrong with Eddie when he “started to rub his ears a lot.” She knew that Lakeland Terriers generally have “very small ear canals” and so she started using ear cleaner recommended by her vet. Unfortunately, Eddie’s ears became even more clogged, so he’s going in for an operation which involves “having the hairs which are deep in the ear canal plucked out” before his ears are given a good clean!

Symptoms of Ear Infections

While all dog breeds can be prone to ear infections, they’re more common in breeds with floppy or hairy ears, including spaniels, retrievers and Lakeland Terriers like Eddie. If you frequently see your dog scratching their ears or shaking their head, they could have otitis. If the infection spreads to the inner ear, symptoms can become more severe; your dog may suffer from a loss of appetite, become uncoordinated and occasional vomiting may occur. We’d always recommend consulting your vet if you think your dog may be suffering from otitis, to help prevent the infection reaching the inner ear.

Skin Lesions

Meanwhile, Poppy was suffering with skin lesions that had become infected. In order to help prevent this from becoming a chronic problem, Poppy had to undergo surgery to have them removed. Poppy underwent her operation and is now on the road to recovery! As part of the aftercare, Lynda has to bathe Poppy once a week using antifungal shampoo. The little pup is doing well following the treatment! Although generally considered a healthy breed, Australian Silky Terriers can be predisposed to skin conditions and allergies. If you notice any of the symptoms of skin conditions, like pulling out fur, excessive scratching, or scabs on their skin, you should see your vet.

Making a Claim

Fortunately, Lynda had taken out insurance policies for both Eddie and Poppy with The Insurance Emporium! She was able to make a claim for both dogs on their policies. Lynda described the process as “easy”, saying it “goes straight to the point”.

We’re really happy we could help Lynda in a time where not just one, but two of her dogs were suffering! If you’re looking to adopt a terrier of your own, you might want to think about taking out insurance for your new dog. At The Insurance Emporium, our Pet Insurance can include a range of Standard Benefits, like cover for Vet’s Fees up to £8,000.* You could even receive up to 30% discount!^

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