Lights, Camera, Canines! Our 5 Top Dogs from Film!

Infographic of famous dogs from film.

Most dog owners are very much aware how easy it is for their canine companions to steal the show! Whilst it could be slightly annoying if your dog takes the limelight on all your adventures, when it comes to the big screen we love nothing better than a cute four-legged actor! That’s why, at The Insurance Emporium, we’re sharing our five top dogs in films.  


One of the most iconic dog actors, Toto from The Wizard of Oz was played by a scruffy little Cairn Terrier named Terry. At the time of filming she received $125 per week – more than most of the human actors on set!


Sam, from I Am Legend, stole the show in 2007, with only three months training before starring alongside Will Smith! She still lives with the family of her trainer, and is now, at the grand age of 13, a little hard of hearing, but still fond of chasing a ball!


Played by 22 different Golden Labradors, Marley, from Marley and Me stole audience’s hearts as Owen Wilson’s untrainable family dog. His rambunctious antics help remind us all that a dog isn’t just for Christmas!


Originally the subject of a novel, Lassie became the star of eleven films and many TV series and is one of the best-loved dogs on screen. Although the character is female, Lassie has always been played by male dogs, as they don’t shed their fur as often!


The perfect partner for Tom Hanks’ detective in Turner and Hooch was Beasley, a large, drooling Dogue de Bordeaux. Many scenes where Turner walks Hooch had to be reshot – Beasley was so strong that Hanks couldn’t hang on to the lead!   

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