Top Tips for Taking Your Pet on Holiday in the UK

With restrictions on travel still in force due to COVID-19, as well as some of the risks associated with leaving the country right now, more and more people are choosing to holiday in the UK! Going away can be difficult when you have a dog or cat. But taking a staycation can make it easier to take your pets with you! At The Insurance Emporium, we’ve spoken to our pet health expert on the many options available for you and your pets when you go away.

Will my pet cope with travelling?

Taking your pet on holiday dog in car

The first thing to ask yourself before taking your dog or cat away is whether they will cope with travelling long distances. It may not suit pets who suffer from anxiety, older animals, or those suffering from health problems.

If you’re worried, always speak to your vet before travelling with your dog or cat. Ask them about your pet’s general health, and whether travelling would be appropriate for them. Where appropriate, your vet may recommend calming products for travelling, such as pheromone products. They may also recommend anti-sickness products if your pet suffers from car sickness.

Can I take my cat on holiday?

Taking your pet on holiday

It is possible to take cats away, but this isn’t suitable for many of our feline friends! They’re very territorial, so removing cats from their home territory can be stressful; cats are often happier left at home.

If you do plan on taking your cat away regularly, it’s important that they become accustomed to travelling at a young age. It could also be a good idea to lead train them. Confident, outgoing cats who are more used to travelling in a car are usually the most suitable kinds of cats to taking on holiday.

What to do when you arrive on holiday with your cat

When you arrive at your accommodation, don’t let them out straight away. Instead, take your cat in its carrier to a quiet, secure room to get used to their new surroundings. You could use this time to unpack!

Once they’ve had a bit of time, let them out to explore the room, then eventually to explore the rest of your accommodation – your cat’s new temporary home! If you’re travelling somewhere new with your cat, our pet health expert recommends keeping them indoors and ensuring your accommodation is secure throughout your stay. This includes letting others at the accommodation know which areas are off-limits for your cat. Keeping certain doors shut can go a long way in keeping your feline friend safe!

Research your accommodation

Taking your pet on holiday dog in bed

Before taking your dog or cat away, you’ll need to consider what type of accommodation you’d like to stay in, and what type of accommodation would be suitable for your pet! Make sure the place you’re planning to stay is pet friendly, and check whether or not there is a supplemental fee to bring a pet.

Even though your accommodation might allow pets, it’s important to find out the particular rules. Many properties limit the number of pets that can stay, and others state that you cannot leave a dog unattended, which could affect your plans. Remember, it’s your holiday too, not just your dog’s! Consider what your plans are for the holiday, what’s available in the local area, and the number of places you’ll be able to take our pet. And during hot weather, it’s vital to never leave your dog in the car.

Preparing your pet for travel


You should always ensure your dog’s or cat’s vaccinations are up to date, but this is especially important if you’re planning to take them away! Ensure their parasite and tick treatments are also up to date. It might also be worth taking a tick remover for your dog, especially if you’re going away in the summer.

Dogs must wear a collar with a tag in public places, and it’s usually a good idea to keep a collar and tag on both dogs and cats, especially while you’re away! Microchipping is a legal requirement for dog owners, but microchipping your cat could also be beneficial should the unthinkable happen and your feline friend goes missing.

What to pack for your pet

Taking your pet on holiday dog in suitcase

When thinking about all the nuances about taking your pet away, it’s easy to forget the basics. Don’t forget the essentials! You’ll need water and a non-spill bowl for the journey, as well as food and treats. You’ll need blankets or towels and a bed for your dog or cat, as well as poo bags for dogs and a litter tray for cats. And finally, make sure to pack any medication your pet may require. It’s also worth making a note of the nearest vet to your accommodation, so you can be prepared in case of emergency on your holiday.

We hope this has been useful if you’re planning on taking your dog or cat on holiday! If you’re thinking of travelling with your furry friend, you might want to think about taking out insurance for your pet. Selected Pet Insurance products are 5 Star Rated by Defaqto*. We were also named Pet Insurance Provider of the Year at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2020, as well as Best Direct Pet Insurance Provider at the Awards 2019! Stop by The Insurance Emporium to see if we have the right policy for you and your pet.

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