Have you microchipped your horse, pony or donkey yet?

Microchipping horse

Following the introduction of Government legislation on compulsory horse microchipping in 2018, no doubt you will have already had your horse, pony or donkey microchipped.  Incase you have not done so yet, we wanted to remind you that the deadline date for doing so is 1 October 2020.  Introduced in June 2018, this legislation was intended to prevent abuse and to improve welfare, and is a mandatory requirement for horses, ponies and donkeys. 

Woman leading horse

A Central Equine Database was set up too to allow local authorities and police to track the owner of any dumped animals. Tracking helps to ensure the perpetrators are punished and the animals given the care they deserve. The Central Equine Database also means that lost or stolen horses can be reunited with their owners more readily too.

Mircochipping horse

The Central Equine Database logs all domesticated horses, including those required to be microchipped by October 2020. On a practical level, this means that when horses are abandoned, it is easier to rehome them more quickly.

Microchipping horse

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 For further details on microchipping visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/compulsory-microchipping-to-improve-horse-welfare

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