Spending a day sat by a lake or river, enjoying the peace and quiet can be the perfect relaxing weekend adventure. The satisfaction of finally landing a fish can be hard to beat for any angler – there aren’t too many feelings like the magic of reeling in a colossal carp or snagging a salmon! Fishing is a hobby that requires a lot of patience and a net full of nous. Continual improvements in the world of angling mean that there is often new technology and ideas available. At The Insurance Emporium we love casting out, so we had a look at some of the fishing trends for 2018 that might change your approach to angling.

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It’s getting hot in here!

We hear a lot about the effects of global warming on our environment and this applies to fishing as much as anything, so it could be more important than ever to keep up with the ways in which this affects angling. Warmer temperatures can mean that fish are encouraged to go into deeper, cooler water where they’re more comfortable. This might mean that anglers could find more success if they fish in the early morning or late evening on warm days, when the water is still cool. Using a fish finder could help you track down those hard-to-find fish – a device like the Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fish Finder is one of the options available. If you’re not into the technology, speaking to other anglers is the old fashioned way of finding those fish lurking in the depths and could be just as effective!

Fishing Insurance

The lure of UV

Many an angler may have been caught out in the past by standing in the sun too long, turning a delightful shade of red thanks to its ultraviolet rays. It’s not all in vain however, as these same UV rays are exactly what some fish use when looking for food underwater, making it ideal when it comes to angling. The fishing community is now using this to their advantage, with more UV-utilising equipment hitting the market. Using a UV lure is becoming a popular new way of fishing. It could be worth checking out the lures available from Almost Alive Lures. Using a product like UV Blast! Lure Spray can enable you to give your existing tackle the UV treatment. It’s not just lures that are getting the UV treatment though, your fishing line could be positively glowing if you invest in something similar to Spiderwire Steal Glow-Vis Braid!

Going green!

In modern society there is an increased focus on ‘clean living’ and looking after our planet, so it probably makes sense that we are seeing more eco-friendly fishing practices carried out. There is little doubt that one of the biggest focuses for environmentally friendly angling has been in the form of ‘catch and release’ fishing. There is some debate around this practice, including how it is implemented and the positive effects on the fish of being caught. You can read more about it from the Angling Trust. The use of lead for making tackle is no longer commonplace in manufacturing due to its chemical properties. Lead can be potentially poisonous to fish and other animals, so you might find steel and tin products popping up more in tackle shops. Finally, it goes without saying that cleaning up after yourself could have a positive impact on the environment. Picking up your discarded line or empty packaging at the end of the day can serve to keep things nice and clean for wildlife and fellow anglers!

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Using the net

For 21st century anglers, sharing pictures of their prized catches online can be a great way to show off at the end of a successful day by the water. On top of this, it can also be ideal to share stories and hints on where to go, what you’ll find there, the best baits to use and more. There are various online fishing communities that have been set up to help anglers share stories and snaps of their latest escapades. In the UK, Carp Forum is an option for discussing all things fishing and, with over 160,000 members, it could be the place to find out all sorts of information. There’s also the option of paid membership at a site like Danglers Nation – this includes free goodies when you sign up, as well as regular updates. Whether it’s a snap of your prized perch or a top tackle tip, the internet could be the place to cast a line and connect.

Come rain or come shine, it’s likely that anglers can be found casting off into waters around the UK. If you want to slip on your waders and get away from your worries then it could be worth thinking about insuring your fishing equipment. At The Insurance Emporium, all of our Fishing Insurance policies offer 4 years New for Old cover if your equipment is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged and we also give a 25% Introductory Discount! If that has you reeling, just cast your eyes on The Insurance Emporium to find out more.

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