Heading out on an adventure atop your trusty steed can be the most magical part of owning a horse. The freedom experienced on horseback and the connection with the animal can be hard to beat for horse owners and riders. Whether you’re a hobbyist hacker or a serious showjumper the equestrian world sometimes moves at a fast pace and it can be important to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Here at The Insurance Emporium, we want to help you make the most of your equine escapades! Take a look at some of the top horse trends for 2018!

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Filly fashion

One of the great benefits of dressing for a day at the stables is that you can balance practicality with some seriously stylish fashion! There are constantly evolving ranges of clothing available to riders with new materials and designs, all to make your rides as comfortable as possible. Hacks & Hills are a well-established name in equestrian clothing and their new HH1 Equestrian Technical Jacket could be the answer to keeping you looking sharp and feeling good on your horse! The e3 hydrophobic (sounds fancy!) material on the exterior is designed to stop wind and rain, keeping you warm and dry on your adventures. One of the newer names on the block for 2018 is Black Heart Equestrian. This is a label designed by teenage British dressage rider Erin Williams, using all of her experience in an effort to provide modern and practical clothing. The university student has created an affordable and fashionable collection of equestrian and gym clothing that could appeal to the style conscious riders out there!

Practical purchases

Dedicated horse riders will know all about the difficulties of sleeping on an uncomfortable bed whilst out on the road before a competition. Bundle Beds aim to make this a thing of the past! Their easy to transport beds with self-inflating mattresses could be ideal for those who spend their weekends competing and are sick of hard floors! The bed rolls up handily into an easy to carry bag meaning it shouldn’t take up too much space, it won’t cost you a bundle either! Finding the perfect pair of boots can be a difficult task and the thought of changing boots between riding and cleaning the stable might sound like a nightmare to horse riders! A pair of Grubs Ramilo riding boots could be the perfect happy medium this year. They have a Kevlar reinforced upper which is flexible enough for riding, whilst remain completely waterproof for those soggy days in the yard! The Vibram Sport Equestri sole and stirrup and heel guards are designed to keep your feet nice and safe, as well as looking on point!

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Mindful mares

Quite often, when a celebrity demonstrates a love for something on social media, it grows in popularity at breakneck speed! In the last year, A-listers such as Lady Gaga and Kendall Jenner have taken to Instagram to show off their passion for all things equine. These celebrities live their lives in the fast lane and have helped to establish horse riding as the latest mindfulness trend. The idea of mindfulness is to bring your attention fully into the present moment and enable yourself to banish all other distractions. This works particularly well during horse riding as it relies so heavily on tuning in to your animal and forging a connection with the horse. Just make sure you don’t get into too much of a meditative state and fall off! That’d be a night-mare!

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Going natural

Natural horsemanship has been around in various guises for a long time but is now becoming a popular way of looking after your steed. One of the main ideas behind the practice is to avoid any use of pain or suffering on the animal. The use of bitless bridles, such as those available at Bitless Bridle UK, help to promote pain-free and comfortable control. Another option could be barefoot boots such as those available at Hoof Bootique, which might mean an end to potentially painful horse shoes. Further to this, a healthy diet could do great things for the general condition of a horse. Natural feeds are designed to replace heavily processed food and may aid digestion in your animal. A set of snazzy new hoof boots and a natural feed diet could change your miserable mare into a seriously happy horse!

Owning and riding a horse can be a wonderful way to spend your time and following the latest trends could improve the lives of you and your horse. On top of these fantastic fashions and equine evolutions, it might also be important to ensure that you have insurance in place. Our Horse Insurance policy offers a whole manner of Optional Benefits including Vet’s Fees cover up to £5,000 per incident on our Lunar Monthly policy, as well as a 20% introductory discount! Have a trot over to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more! We’re not horsing around!

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