The UK music industry has been going from strength to strength over the past few years! However, with Brexit on the horizon, it’s looking like we could have some uncertain adventures in store! At The Insurance Emporium, we want to help protect your passions. Which is why we’ve made this guide on what you might need to know about Brexit and music!

1. Visa tough times ahead

Brexit and music

One of the biggest concerns expressed by musicians has been about freedom of movement. Right now, we, and other EU nationals can travel to any EU country without prior visa arrangements. However, it’s unclear, post-Brexit, what the conditions of travel might be. It could become much more expensive and time consuming to hop across the channel. This might have serious effects on musicians’ ability to perform throughout Europe. It could also make it harder getting to festivals abroad for fans!

2. Making an impact

If border controls are tightened between the UK and EU countries, it could have an impact on cultural exchange. Currently it’s easy for musicians to collaborate across borders. Tighter border controls could make this much harder to do. This might result in the UK’s music scene and musicians becoming more isolated from what’s going on in the rest of Europe.

3. Exposing yourself

Brexit and music

Harder borders could also lead to fewer opportunities for exposure, which might affect up-and-coming musicians in particular. Without the chance to play for as wide an audience on a regular basis, younger acts might struggle to get noticed. It works both ways however – The UK music scene is well respected throughout Europe and there are many musicians who want to play over here, something that could also become more difficult after Brexit. Although, whilst performing live is a fantastic way to get to know new acts, the rise of online music platforms and downloads has been opening borders to newer musicians for several years now. This shouldn’t change even if watching acts play live becomes trickier!

4. Counting the costs

It’s not just visas that might cost more! There are other factors to consider such as healthcare and roaming charges, which could affect musicians and fans. As part of the EU, British residents can have an EHIC card, entitling them to free healthcare throughout the EU. Brexit could mean not having access to this service, and potentially having to pay out for accidents or illnesses that occur whilst abroad. The EU also introduced free roaming for phones and mobiles devices – something else that people from the UK might find themselves having to pay for in the future, either when working or on holiday. On top of these, there could be an increase in import and export tariffs, as well as delays in shipping products into and out of the UK. This could mean buying equipment from the continent might end up costing more and take longer to reach our shores.

5. Tightening the strings

Brexit and music

It might not be all bad! Even though we’re set to leave the EU on 29th March, it could help strengthen musical bonds between nations. There are many organisations working with musical talent from all across Europe, such as Live Europe, who are looking to keep shining a spotlight on the best talent from both the UK and the continent. Also, some of the biggest festivals in abroad rely heavily upon British acts and festival goers – they might well look to maintain that relationship. If many musicians, fans and organisers feel the need to nurture their common bonds it could produce more interesting work than ever!  

Whether you’re a musician or gig-goer, Brexit could result in significant changes! With so much uncertainty, if you work in the music industry it might be a good idea to consider insuring your equipment, especially if you’re travelling abroad with your gear. The Insurance Emporium offers a 25% Introductory Discount* on Music Insurance, with Worldwide Cover for up to 90 days per year^. Head on down to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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