5 Types of Angler you’ll Meet

Getting out for a day by the water, catching fish, can be a great way to unwind. However, no fishing adventure would be complete without coming across at least one of these anglers! Sometimes meeting new people or fishing with friends can really enrich the experience. But other times, they can turn your day into one you’d rather forget! We’ve picked out the best and the worst types of angler you’re sure to spot on the water!

5 types of angler you'll meet

The One with All the Answers

There’s always that one person who claims to know everything there is to know about fishing. Their knowledge of casting is vast and they’ve read all the available literature about floats and sinkers. Appearing as if from nowhere, to tell you that you’re in the wrong spot for carp, they’ll continue digging away until you’re not even sure you know how to tie a knot anymore. They’re also known to somewhat exaggerate the size of their catch!

The One with the Excuses

Having a bad day? Made no catches? Well it’s definitely not your fault if you’re the kind of person who falls into this category! It might be that the incessant rain has disturbed the shoal. It could be the wrong time of year. Those worms you were sold certainly weren’t the right kind. And at the end of the day there just weren’t any fish in the river. Apart from the ones everyone else caught…

5 types of angler you'll meet

The One with all the Luck

How do they do it? Possibly with their vast angling knowledge. But it’s most likely witchcraft. These are the people who turn up late to the game, totally unprepared. Then they catch the largest bass you’ve ever seen, as well as more decent fish than anyone else out that day. All using an antique rod and hunks of stale bread they found on the back seat of their car. Unfair? Probably.

The One with no Spatial Awareness

You’ve spent ages deciding upon the right spot, carefully setting out your gear, and you’ve finally cast off. Then someone else turns up and casts over your line, with or without an apology. You ask them to move it. They do it again. You suggest they move along a little. They nudge six inches. You glare at them. They cast over your line again. Repeat ad infinitum.

5 types of angler you'll meet

The One with the Actual Experience

Unlike The One with all the Answers, if you come across The One with the Actual Experience you should stick to them like glue! They started fishing at least three decades before you were even born, can tie the most epic of knots in the blink of an eye, and cast off without even thinking. The Obi Wan Kenobi of the fishing community, listen to what they have to teach you, and in no time you’ll be on your way to being the best angler around!

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