Planning a wedding can be a wonderful adventure, even though there’s often a myriad of things to organise! There’s one area in particular that can be particularly tricky to master – the speeches! Here at The Insurance Emporium, we want to do everything we can to make your big day a success, so we’ve put together 9 top tips for writing a wedding speech, to help make it memorable for the right reasons!

1. Make notes

Wedding days are exciting occasions, so it might be easy to get caught up in the moment. You don’t want your speech to be too stiff, but there could be certain things you’d like to say and people to thank. Making brief notes and cues will help you cover everything, and prevent embarrassing mishaps!

2. State the obvious

Of course the bride looks beautiful, the bridesmaids are stunning and the happy couple are in love. But it never hurts to reiterate this! Weddings are about love, so why not go to town on being nice to each other?

3. Be genuine

You probably want guests to listen to what you have to say, and wit might help with this. However, whilst it could be tempting to try and be the funniest person in the room, a heartfelt set of anecdotes might touch people far more than a seemingly endless list of jokey stories!

4. Make it count

There’s not much worse than someone talking for the sake of talking, especially during a wedding speech. So try your best to be succinct, and you should find your audience a lot more appreciative!

5. Get insider info

It’s likely that there will be several speeches taking place one after another during the wedding. Which means it might be wise to talk to the other speechmakers before the big day – you won’t want to find yourself abandoning your killer moment because someone else has already said it!

6. It’s all about you

This is a wedding, so make the most of it! If you’re the bride or groom, you might want to talk about your new spouse in your speech. Similarly, if you are best man or bridesmaid, make sure you thank the couple by their chosen married names. It could help to highlight the special value of the day in a way which is subtle but sweet.

7. Can you hear me?

If you’re hosting a big wedding, or having a reception in a room with high ceilings, consider using a microphone to make sure everyone’s able to hear you! There’s no better way to lose the attention of a room than mumbling unintelligibly! It could be a fast track to boredom for the guests!

8. Check your location

It might be obvious, but please make sure you’re at the right wedding! We hope it would go without saying, but you never know…

9. Enjoy!

Any kind of public speaking can be extremely nerve-wracking! So you might well be feeling the pressure going into your speech. But you could do well to remember that you’re amongst friends or relations, who will be supporting you from the side lines. Just try to remain calm and enjoy the moment!

Whatever form your speech takes, we hope the big day goes off without a hitch! If you’re planning a wedding, why not think about Wedding Insurance? It might help ease some of the stress from all that organisation! The Insurance Emporium offer flexible Wedding Insurance that you can tailor to your needs with a one-off payment starting at £18.00*. Head to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

* A one-off payment of £18.00 is based on a UK Wedding with the Amber Level of Cover and no Optional Benefits selected.

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