Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat

a black cat made out of a toilet roll cardboard tube on purple for Halloween

All cat owners know that there’s something very special about cats; each one of them is different, with their own unique personalities, and chances are every one of them is the boss of whichever house they live in; we all know that we don’t own our cats, our cats own us! There’s a reason they were treated as demi-Gods by the ancient Egyptians.

26% of the adult population in the UK have a cat, that’s 10.8 million cats, but did you know that black cats are the least popular type? Figures from the RSPCA show that twice as many black cats end up in adoption centres, compared to tabbies, and it takes longer for them to be adopted, even the kittens. So, we thought we’d have a look at the reasons why black cats have such a bad rep.

Unlucky for Some?

Black cats have a fascinating history. They are traditionally associated with superstition and often seen as an omen for misfortune; there’s the well-known saying that if a black cat crosses your path, then you’ll have bad luck. They have long been linked to witches and are a common part of folklore; Celtic mythology talks of a witch who could transform into a cat that would curse houses that didn’t leave milk out for it, and they are also associated with the devil because of their ability to catch mice and rats.

black kitten wearing a purple witch's hat sitting in a little cauldron

Say Cheese!

There’s also a theory that black cats aren’t as popular because they are not as photogenic as other kinds of cats. In a culture that lives its life through social media, it seems that black cats are not seen as ‘Instagram – friendly’ as they don’t show up well in photos. They are also thought of as being not as friendly, or as playful, as other types of cats because their facial expressions aren’t as easy to read, but we think this shows a lack of imagination. Imagine how good your black cat would look in an arty black-and-white shot? You might have just found yourself a new muse!

Look Beyond The Coat!

Black cats aren’t always associated with bad luck. In some parts of the Midlands, giving a black cat as a wedding gift is thought to bring luck, and, according to some folklore, any single woman who owns a black cat won’t be single for long. Of course, here at The Insurance Emporium we don’t condone giving animals as gifts or using them as a dating tool, but it just goes to show how the poor black cat has been portrayed differently over the centuries.

In parts of Asia, owning a black cat is thought to be lucky, whereas in Italy just hearing a black cat sneeze is a good omen, and in the South of France, feeding a black cat a treat will also bring you luck, although we’re not entirely sure that the cats themselves didn’t start that particular belief!

The Perfect Accessory

You never have to worry about whether your black cat will match your outfit, as black goes with everything; they are sleek and sophisticated, it’s like having your own miniature panther. And if you’re wearing black too, you don’t have to worry about getting black hairs all over your clothes.

You’ll also never be short of names for a black cat; of course, you might be quite happy with Kevin the tabby, but if classic cat names are your thing, you have more scope with a black cat – Sooty, Midnight, Shadow – your options are endless.

a black cat with luminous yellow eyes lying on its side on a bed calmly looking into the camera

Famous Black Cats

You’ll also be in fantastic company if you adopt a black cat; Fred Astaire, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway; John Lennon, Queen Victoria, Edgar Allen Poe, and John Travolta are just a few of the people who have owned black cats. And don’t forget those talented black cats who made it to the big screen.

What would Sabrina the Teenage Witch be without Salem? Or Hocus Pocus without Binx? (Binx was actually played by nine different black cats). For a species that’s renowned for being unlucky, the inappropriately named Snowball the cat was part of one of the biggest shows of popular culture, The Simpsons.


The main reason you should adopt a black cat is that black cats need a loving, secure home just as much as any other cat. If you do decide to adopt a cat, whatever its colour, you might want to think about insuring your cat. The Insurance Emporium has four policy types to choose from, starting at £4.26* per lunar month, with a range of optional benefits. To find out more, visit our website and get a free, no-strings quote.

Cats don’t care what colour our hair is, they just want our attention and our love, and I think it’s safe to say that if you become a black cat owner, you’re going to feel very lucky indeed.

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