It’s getting towards that time again when students across the nation get to show off the fruits of their studies. It’s nearly exam time! The lead up to this is often associated with late-night cramming in the library, plenty of coffee and mountains of textbooks but it doesn’t have to be this way! Creating a structured revision timetable could help to put you ahead of the game and breeze through those tricky tests! Here at The Insurance Emporium, we love to see students excel at their passions, so we put together this guide on perfecting your revision plan!

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How long have you got?

First things first, you’ll need to find out exactly when your exams are. The last day of revision might be the day before the exam, so you’ll want your plan to lead towards that, giving you plenty of time. The last thing that you want is to suddenly realise that exams have crept up on you and there’s only a couple of days left to study!

What do you need to know?

It might be important to set out exactly which subjects you’ll need to brush up on before being tested. You could write them all down and prioritise them in order of how confident you are, this might give you some direction as to where you’ll need to devote the most time.

Take it steady

There might be no point planning out a whole six week timetable for revision and trying to stick to that. As you go along, you’ll probably figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Planning a week at a time could help you adapt to your own style.

Be realistic

Planning ten hours of study every day sounds like the ideal way to get top marks, doesn’t it? As much as that might be true it could be completely unrealistic. Maybe try to schedule in achievable periods of time to study, giving yourself plenty of breaks and time to chill out.

Student Insurance

Mix it up

As you go along with your revision, you might find that there are certain subjects you’re struggling with and others that you feel confident on. Don’t be afraid to tweak your plan in order to give yourself plenty of time on the tougher subjects.

Stay positive

We’ve all been there, you’re five hours into a revision session and you don’t feel like you’re retaining any information. Getting frustrated and angry might be the worst thing to do. You could take some time away from a particular subject, this might help you approach it later in a better mind-set.

Treat yo’self!

Sometimes it’s easy to distract yourself by doing mundane things such as cleaning or making a drink. Using these as an incentive could be the ideal motivation. Telling yourself that you can go and have a cup of tea and biscuit after another thirty minutes work might just be the short-term goal that keeps you going!

Don’t burn out

When you’re putting together your timetable, try to remember that you’ll probably have other things going on, such as coursework or a part time job. You don’t want to reach your exams running on empty, so it might be vital to ensure that you don’t burn yourself out.

Student Insurance

Have a change of scenery

Once your timetable is complete and you’re deep into your studies, it could be a good idea to switch up your revision venue. Whether it’s your bedroom, the library, a coffee shop or the park, changing where you do your revision could help to keep it interesting.

Exam time has the potential to be stressful but might be a whole lot easier if you have a timetable in place. As you continue your adventures at university, you might also want to consider getting some insurance for students. At The Insurance Emporium, our Student Insurance policies come with a 20% Introductory Discount* and are Pick ‘N’ Mix, which means you can select Optional Benefits such as Personal Belongings and Gadgets And Mobile Phones cover. Continue your studies by heading to The Insurance Emporium today!

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