Dogs are renowned for their healthy appetites! It can be worrying, however, when they eat something they shouldn’t. This is what happened when Timmy, a ten-month-old Golden Retriever, became unwell. We spoke to Adam King, Timmy’s owner, about how his pet became ill, and what he was able to do about it.

Timmy the golden retriever with gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis in dogs

Unwelcome homecoming

Adam told us that the first they heard of Timmy’s illness was, “just before our flight home from our holiday – we received a call from relatives telling us that our dog, Timmy was acting sick.” Obviously, this would have been worrying news. Adam told us that it was “devastating” to hear of the illness.


Timmy was promptly taken to his vet to try to discover the cause of his condition. After performing tests and reviewing his symptoms and history, the vet diagnosed the young retriever with gastroenteritis. It’s believed that Timmy developed the illness after consuming horse faeces during the equine flu outbreak in February.

The condition

Timmy the golden retriever with gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis in dogs

Gastroenteritis is quite a common condition in canines, given their proclivity for eating almost anything! The illness is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines, and can be the result of a variety of sources, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and even new foods. The main symptoms are vomiting and diarrhoea, along with lethargy. The condition is usually treated by rehydrating the animal, along with medical treatments such as a course of antibiotics.

Coping with costs

All pet owners want to keep their animals fit and healthy, however, vet’s fees can come at a high cost! Fortunately for Adam, he had taken out dog insurance from The Insurance Emporium, and we were able to help with the cost of Timmy’s diagnosis and recovery. According to Adam, the claims process was “so easy and quick. We had everything sorted much quicker than I expected and with no fuss.” He was “gutted to have had to make a claim in the first place, but grateful for how quickly everything was sorted.”

Timmy the golden retriever with gastroenteritis. Gastroenteritis in dogs

Back on form

After receiving treatment, Adam told us that “Timmy is back to his usual self, and it’s amazing seeing him full of energy again! He’s made our lives so much better since joining our family and it’s just amazing waking up every day to him with a toy in his mouth for us!”

While we hate to hear about dogs becoming unwell, we’re so pleased to hear that Timmy has made a great recovery! Hopefully he’ll also learn to develop a more discerning palate, although we won’t hold our hopes out on that one!

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