Thomas the moggie

Every pet owner knows how important a furry friend can be to their family, which is why it can be so difficult when they’re no longer around. Unfortunately, this is what happened to the Cook family and their cat, 14-year-old moggie, Tom Thomas, recently, after he became unwell. We’ve spoken to Mandy Cook to find out more about their experience.

Thomas the moggie

Sudden symptoms

Mandy told us that they first noticed Tom’s symptoms after she returned home from work one night as usual. “Tom was crying on the stairs”, she said, and he “started acting unlike his normal self. So we calmed him down and nursed him, but when he had a second episode later that evening we took him immediately to the vets.”

Diagnosing the condition

Thomas the moggie

The diagnosis of Tom’s condition wasn’t easy. According to his vet, Tom wasn’t eating or passing urine. He was also very nervous, in pain and grumpy. Possible toxicity as a result of eating lilies was suggested, due to the nature of his symptoms and the presence of lilies within the home, but this was never confirmed.

Treatment and outcome

Not knowing the exact nature of Tom’s illness, prescribing the correct treatment was hard. Mandy told us that Tom was “put on a drip and kept overnight at the vets.” Ultimately, the fluid therapy and medication given wasn’t enough to prevent kidney failure, and Tom was put to sleep two days after his initial symptoms.

A terrible loss

Thomas the moggie

Losing a pet is always hard, and the Cook family have really felt their loss, telling us that they “need another Tomcat in our life”. Tom was a “beautiful cat, loved by everyone and sadly missed by friends and family. He was a perfect cat and never any problem whatsoever.” The shock of losing Tom so suddenly has obviously weighed heavily on the Cook family.

Making a claim

At such a difficult time, the last thing anyone wants to have to consider is covering the cost of vet’s fees. Mandy had taken out cat insurance with The Insurance Emporium, and successfully claimed for Tom’s condition. Of the process, Mandy told us it was “smooth and efficient.” She was “kept informed at all times and everyone was very considerate. I would, and do recommend your services.”

We’re really happy that we were able to help Mandy and her family during their recent loss. We also wish them, and any other cats that might come into their lives, the very best for the future. 

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