Your Story: Star the Dogue de Bordeaux

If you’re a dog owner, you will never want your pet to be feeling any less than one hundred percent. Sadly, however, this isn’t always the case, as owner Alan Staggs discovered when his two-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux, Star, became unwell. We heard from Alan to hear about his family’s experience, Star’s illness, and her recovery!

Star and Aggy - Dogue de Bordeaux

Noticing the symptoms

Alan and his family first suspected that Star wasn’t feeling all that well when she became lethargic, “laying down and breathing heavily”. Alan also told us that “her face and muzzle had become red and swollen.” The family decided to take Star promptly to their vet, where she also began vomiting and panting.

Diagnosing the problem

Star - Dogue de Bordeaux

After running some tests, the vets noticed that Star’s kidney values were high. They decided to keep her in overnight, “monitoring her progress, taking blood samples and performing analysis”, according to Alan. She was also placed on a drip and given fluids. After the tests, the vet suggested that Star’s illness might have been a possible reaction to a poison or toxin, resulting in raised liver and kidney enzymes.

Back to normal

Alan has told us that, after her diagnosis, Star was given “tablets for her liver, which she is still taking, and is now feeling fine and back to normal; relaxed and easy-going”. Having owned the Dogue de Bordeaux since she was 12-weeks-old, and “never having had a problem”, Star’s illness must have come as a shock, and her recovery was greeted with much relief!

Star and Aggy - Dogue de Bordeaux

Making a claim

The cost of veterinary care isn’t always cheap. Alan, however, had taken out Dog Insurance for Star with The Insurance Emporium, and we were able to help cover the costs of Star’s treatment. Alan described the claims process as “easy and quick, with responses coming back within a day.” He also told us that “we’re on Dogue de Bordeaux World on Facebook, and always recommend The Insurance Emporium for their easy claims, good price and great policies”!

We’re absolutely chuffed that Star is back in peak condition and ready to enjoy her adventures with the Stagg’s other Dogue de Bordeaux, Aggy! On top of this, we’re pleased to have been able to help with Star’s recovery, and we wish Star, Aggy, Alan and his family the best of luck for the future!  

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