Getting out and enjoying the natural wonders of our world is one of the reasons why fishing is a hobby that can produce some magical adventures. But, have you ever considered taking that hobby abroad? After all, our world is home to a host of different types of waterways, whether you’re eager to try your luck in the oceans, seas, lakes or rivers. And on top of that, there are about 28,000 different known fish species, so there’s plenty of variety if you know where to look. If you’re hoping to try something a little different by heading abroad with your fishing gear, we’ve identified five particularly notable places for you to wade through in your search for inspiration.

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Congo River Basin, The Congo

In terms of wildlife, Africa is probably best known for its safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, plus the gorillas in Uganda. But when it comes to life among Africa’s waterways, you won’t find many more menacing creatures than the appropriately named Goliath tigerfish, found in the Congo River Basin. Powerful, potentially 5ft long and purveyors of a ghastly set of teeth, they are feared by locals. But to anglers they represent one of the most impressive freshwater gamefish anywhere on Earth.

Key West, Florida, USA

As the southernmost point of the Florida Keys, it makes sense that Key West is something of a fishing hot spot. So much of the community is geared towards angling, so you’ll find plenty of people to help you out should you need it. And in terms of the fishing on offer around Key West, you won’t be disappointed. You can find a variety of snapper, wahoo, blackfin tuna, mahi-mahi and lots more in the waters, so you’re certain to be kept occupied!

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The Bahamas

The Bahamas won’t need any introduction with respect to its natural beauty. Golden beaches, gorgeous weather and crystalline sea water are par for the course, but for an angler, it’s what’s in the water that really matters and you won’t be disappointed. The Bahamas is renowned for being a prime location for big-game fishing, with records regularly broken. You could reel in all sorts, with black marlin, blue marlin, swordfish and mahi-mahi (pictured, right) all native to these waters. And, if you fancy a break from wielding your rod, head back to shore and get the snorkel. You’re guaranteed to see plenty of smaller, colourful specimens.

Sicily, Italy

The ball to Italy’s ‘football boot’, Sicily is located perfectly for those wishing to explore the vast waters of the Mediterranean. In fact, the island is renowned for its shellfish and fishing in general is a significant industry. Tuna and swordfish are especially common in the surrounding waters, while you might even opt to try your hand at some spearfishing, as is the custom of many Sicilian fishermen. But don’t expect to master it first time round! And should you fancy a bit of time on solid ground, there’s plenty to keep you occupied, whether you’re into history, the local cuisine or even sport.

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Eg River, Mongolia

Mongolia is a fascinating country whether you’re a keen angler or not. For those travelling with companions who aren’t too fussed about fishing, you’ll have plenty of history to take in, while the country’s burgeoning eco-tourism industry will ensure you have lots of areas of natural beauty to admire. The Eg River is one of those areas and is a huge draw for anglers. It’s regarded as being among the very best locations in the world for catching taimen, the largest variety of trout, and there are companies which can help you along the way, with camps set up on the riverbanks. It’s a perfect area for fly fishing and you’ll be surrounded by acres of pristine Mongolian countryside.

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