Pet world records infographic

We all know that our pets are pretty incredible! Some canine and feline exploits have even made it into the Guinness World Records over the years! In recognition of the awesomeness of our furry friends all over the world, we’re sharing our rundown of some of the most amazing pet world records!  

Norman – The Scooter Dog

More affectionately known as Norman the Scooter Dog, he’s a Briard, who lives in America. Since July 2013, he’s had the world record for (you guessed it) the Fastest 30 Metres on a Scooter by a Dog, coming in at just 20.77 seconds! He also happens to hold the record for the Fastest 30m on a Bicycle by a Dog!

Barivel – The Longest Cat

Maine Coon’s have a reputation for being some of the largest cats around! Barivel, who lives with his family in Italy, however, became officially the Longest Domestic Living Cat in May 2018! He measures in at an incredible 120cm!

Toby – Fastest Balloon Pop

Unsurprisingly, given their speed, Toby the Whippet holds the record for the Fastest Time to Pop 100 Balloons by a Dog, with a time of just 36.53 seconds! He took over the title from a Jack Russell named Twinkie in April 2017!

Didga – The Most Tricks

Dogs aren’t the only pets with a few tricks up their sleeves! Didga, short for Didgeridoo, is a multi-talented cat – so much so that she holds the title of Most Tricks Performed by a Cat in a Minute. To earn the record in 2016, she performed 24 tricks that included rolling over and jumping over a bar whilst on a skateboard.

Purin – Top Goalkeeper

Step aside De Gea, there’s a new goalkeeper in town! In 2017, Purin the beagle gained the record for the Most Balls Caught by a Dog with the Paws in One Minute, catching a total of 14! Stood in front of a small football goal and dressed in a blue t-shirt, she also caught a lot of attention!

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