Many musicians will know just how much equipment is needed for a live show. Whether it’s guitars, drums, amps or pedals, there is often a lot of expensive gear that needs to be moved between tour venues. With all of your prized musical instruments being loaded in and out, there’s always a chance that you could end up the victim of theft. At The Insurance Emporium, we want to try and help you keep your equipment safe on the road! Check out our top tips for avoiding theft whilst touring below!

Music Insurance

Keep it with you!

If you’ve taken your favourite Gibson out to the van but realised that you’ve left the keys in the venue, it could be tempting to leave your case outside and run to get them! This might be the perfect time for a potential thief to grab it and run! Making sure that you never leave anything unattended could avoid this!

Guard it with your life!

The chances are that, by the time it’s fully loaded, your van will have thousands of pounds worth of gear in it. This could make it a prime target for thieves and therefore something that you’ll want to keep secured. Keeping someone with the vehicle at all times could be the best deterrent.

Lock it up!

It only takes a split-second for a thief to pounce, so it might be vital to keep your doors locked at all times. If you’ve forgotten something and need to run inside, remember to lock up! Not only might you lose your possessions but you won’t be covered! Think about locking up!

If it’s valuable, keep it with you!

There are certain items that you might not want to take a chance with at all, so it could be best to keep these with you at all times. Whether it’s a prized 1960s guitar or a boutique pedal, some things are irreplaceable and need to be kept with you!

Music Insurance

Organisation is key

Being messy and having bits of gear strewn around the venue could be a recipe for disaster. Making sure that you’re organised and know where everything is could make a huge difference. This might make it harder for any potential opportunist thieves.

This parking spot is lit!

If you’ve loaded up the van and fancy heading back into the venue for a drink, making sure that it’s parked in a well-lit area could be the ideal deterrent. Leaving your gear-laden transport sat in a dark back alley might be be an invitation for thieves to get to work!

Avoid trailer troubles

If you are using a trailer to transport your gear then you might want to think about getting a wheel clamp and a hitch lock to help secure it. Also, if you’re parking it somewhere when it’s loaded, try and back it up to a wall to make access harder!

Music Insurance

Pack away before partying away!

After a job well done on stage, tired and sweaty, you might want to head straight to the bar and wind-down. As tempting as this could be, making sure that you’ve packed everything away and secured it might make those after-show parties even more enjoyable!

Hopefully, these steps will help to keep your gear safe on the road. Due to the nature of touring, sometimes you could still be unlucky, which is where Music Insurance might come in handy. Please note that many insurers have different security requirements. You can read ours here.

Being out on the road with all of your musical equipment might be an exciting adventure but it is also be the time to exercise vigilance. Taking some simple measures to avoid theft could help keep your tour going without incident. It might also be important to get some Music Insurance in case the worst does happen. At The Insurance Emporium, our Music Insurance policies include standard benefits such as cover for Theft and all new policies include a 25% Introductory Discount*. Make a tour stop at The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

*25% Introductory Discount only available for the first year of new polices.

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