University is a word full of possibility, the promise of new friends, a chance to study an interesting subject, and the beginning of many adventures! Unfortunately, for many students, it might also be stressful, confusing and overwhelming. Mental health issues amongst students have gained a great deal of media attention in recent years, but it could still be hard to know where to turn if you’re feeling down. That’s why, at The Insurance Emporium, we’ve put together some top tips for dealing with mental health problems at university.

Under pressure

There’s a common conception that your years at uni will be the time of your life. This can lead to a lot of pressure to have the best time ever, make friends for life and enjoy every second! The fear of missing out is definitely real, but it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one. Talk to your flatmates or friends on your course, you might quite quickly find someone feeling the same!

Seek support

There’s no shame in finding support if you feel you’re struggling, and it’s likely you won’t be the only one. Universities will have a dedicated team whose job it is to offer support to students. Speak to your personal supervisor, a tutor you feel you can confide in, or your University support team. Your institution might also have a phone or email helpline if you’re nervous about talking to them in person.

Self help

It can be hard to define a clear reason for mental health issues. Sometimes, however, it can help if you can pin down one issue in particular that’s bothering you. Maybe you haven’t bonded with your flatmates, or feel overwhelmed by your workload? Making small changes where you can see a difference might help. It could be as simple as writing your tasks in a ‘To Do’ list, or speaking to at least one new person in your seminar.

Be brave

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it can be easy to lock yourself away, but it’s likely this will only make you feel worse. It might seem tough, but it’s important to get out and about! This can range from joining a society to simply going for coffee with a friend. A change of scene and some fresh air away from your desk could quickly give you more perspective and improve your mood.

Uni can be a demanding time mentally, which can be hard enough to deal with on its own, but there are also other issues you might face. For instance, unexpected theft or loss of belongings could create more stress during an already challenging period. Student Insurance from The Insurance Emporium might help to ease some of that burden by ensuring that your possessions are protected. If this is a concern of yours, you could head to The Insurance Emporium to see if a student policy could help.   

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