9 Tips for making Better Decisions

All of us have been faced with a tough decision at some point in our lives, and can understand just how difficult being decisive can be! Even working out what to have for dinner can be a minefield of doubt! Decision-making is a skill, however, and we can all learn methods that make finding resolution that little bit easier. Find out how you can hone your decisiveness with our nine helpful tips for making better decisions!

Tips for making better decisions - Man can't make decisions.

1. Listen to your gut

Sometimes it can feel like you need to spend time weighing up all the pros and cons and at other times you just know the answer. Don’t ignore your gut feeling; while it’s not always right, it often knows the way!  

2. Learn from the past

Everyone’s made some questionable decisions at some point, but these can be used to your advantage in the future! Thinking about where you’ve gone wrong in the past can help to carve out a better route this time around.

3. Don’t think too hard

It can be tempting to spend all of your time thinking about a decision you have to make, but sometimes it’s better not to, as this might cause you stress. Instead, allow ideas to incubate, put them to the back of your mind for a while or sleep on them. Come back to them later when your head feels ready and refreshed!

4. Be objective

You might feel like you know the answer, but sometimes it’s good to consider an opposing view. This could allow you to realise whether or not you’re basing a decision solely upon your own beliefs, rather than taking others into account.

Tips for making better decisions - things to consider

5. Name your emotions

Emotions can easily become inflamed in the face of a big decision. Recognising this and identifying your feelings can help to rationalise your decision-making, helping you to see the issue more objectively.

6. Make a timetable

While you might not want to feel rushed into making a choice by setting a deadline, a timetable can be useful. Setting goals to achieve by certain times or dates could allow you to be more organised.

7. Research!

Sometimes you’ll find a decision impossible to come by because you just don’t have enough information! Make sure you know everything you need to make an informed choice.

Tips for making better decisions - make a timetable.

8. Stick to your values

All people have a set of values by which they live and see the world. If you find yourself making a decision that goes against your values, maybe because you feel pressured to do so, it could be best to try to stand your ground.

9. Commit to your decision

Once you’ve made your decision, stick by it! There’s little point in making the choice in the first place if you never act on it, and all that deliberation will have been for nothing. Be proactive in implementing the things you want!

So have you worked out what to have for dinner yet? Hopefully the above tips will help you out with your decision-making both large and small! Whatever adventures you choose to embark upon, you might want to consider protecting them with insurance. At The Insurance Emporium, we aim to protect people’s passions, from pets to photography and weddings to caravans. Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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