We’re absolutely crazy about dogs here at The Insurance Emporium! One thing we recognise is just how much of a positive impact our furry friends can have on the lives of their owners. This is truer than ever in the case of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, a UK charity who provide invaluable support by training puppies to become assistance dogs for deaf people. Recently, we sponsored two of their current puppies-in-training, Kai and Otis, to the value of £5,000!  We’ve previously been to the charity’s York HQ, but this time went to Buckinghamshire to pay these cute pups a visit. Read on to find out about our time with them!

Photo opportunity

We were able to meet and greet our two new canine friends with a photoshoot in the Hearing Dogs’ gift shop. Getting any good snaps proved to be quite a tough job though, as all Kai and Otis wanted to do was spend the time play fighting! In many of the photos, the dogs came out looking more like little blurry (and furry) tornadoes!


A large, well-built and super friendly pup with kind eyes, Kai is a lovely black Labrador. He currently lives with volunteers Peter and Sharon, who told us that he’s a particularly loving dog. Despite being so young, Kai is already making headway in his training, he’s already very good at waiting on command. Although, like all Labradors, he tends to think mainly with his belly!


Tiny and light compared to Kai, Otis the Cocker Spaniel absolutely loves being picked up and cuddled like a baby! He’s currently being cared for in a household with children, and likes nothing better than playing with them. Even though he’s also doing well in training, play, it seems, is currently his main concern. Otis seemed much more interested in rolling around the floor with Kai than anything else, his little tail going at 100mph!

What’s next for the pups?

Kai and Otis are still very much in the training stage. They’re currently being monitored for character traits and their suitability to become fully-fledged hearing dogs. Both of them are in and out of the Hearing Dogs centre regularly for training, but also to meet supporters, such as ourselves, as well as the press and photographers. These are two puppies who are used to a lot of attention!

We hope Kai and Otis keep up the good training to become full hearing dogs over the coming months! The role performed by hearing dogs to increase their owners’ awareness, provide years of affection is truly amazing. We’re thrilled to be able to help a charity that is as in love with dogs as we are! If you have an incredible pup of your own, you might want to think about taking out Dog Insurance. The Insurance Emporium offer up to 30% discount* on new policies. Also, with lots of Optional Benefits to choose from, you could get insurance that’s as individual as your dog! Visit The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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