No matter what stage you’re at in your golfing adventures, you’ve probably realised that the sport can attract a great variety of personalities! There are, however, certain types that you’ll always find out on the fairway. To help you learn how to spot them, at The Insurance Emporium, we’ve put together this guide to the five types of golfer you’ll definitely meet!

types of golfer

1. The bad loser

We all know some, and they tend to fall into two categories – the exploder and the sulker. From the exploder you can expect shouting, clubs wrapped around trees and much of the fairway being dug up. Sulkers are silent, with a hurt expression; best left to themselves until they realise just how silly they’re being. Unless you really feel like winding them up of course – but it’s at your own risk!

2. The ‘let me show you…’

You’ve just topped your drive off the first tee, and you hear their approach with trepidation. These are the golfers who always know best (they might have recently had lessons) and delight in sharing their experience. Even when you know how to correct your swing, they’ll be more than happy to tell you where you’re going wrong. They’ll often use unnecessarily complicated terminology.

Types of golfer

3. The techie

They don’t go anywhere without a GPS rangefinder, and can’t understand how anyone ever managed to navigate a golf course without one. The techie has a smorgasbord of apps on their smart device. Their clubs tell them how they could improve their shot, as may their balls. Their golf bag might also follow them around the course remotely, like a mechanical dog. Despite this, they probably still go round in 150!

4. The cheater

These characters can come as a result of secretly being a bad loser. They’re often sticklers for the rules, making sure everyone else is playing exactly by the book. However, you might also find them dropping the odd ball down their trouser leg, or trying to shimmy their ball along just an inch or so closer to the hole! If caught, they’ll probably blame the wind.

Types of golfer

5. The looker

Lookers have all the right gear. Their clothes are colour-coordinated and sport matching logos. They have the latest shoes and the same hat Justin Rose wears, as well as a truly oversized golf bag. Watching their game, you might come to suspect that their pre-match bravado was covering up for their lack of any real ability on the course. Scratch golfer? Not this one!

There are many more kinds of people you might run into whilst teeing off, but hopefully we’ve got the main ones covered! Whatever kind of golfing personality you are yourself, you might benefit from protecting your equipment with golf insurance. The Insurance Emporium offer Golf Insurance in three levels of cover, with Optional Benefits to choose from such as Gadgets and Mobile Phones or Golf Clothes. You could also get up to 30% discount*! Direct your swing to The Insurance Emporium to find out more!

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