2019 has proven to be a fantastic year for golf so far! And with the European Masters and European Open both right around the corner, there are plenty of events still to look forward to! Has the excitement of this year got you itching to get out on the course yourself? Whether you’re a seasoned veteran at the top of your swing, a beginner getting ready to tee off, or a returning player whose skills are as rusty as their old clubs, we hope these 5 tips will help improve your golf swing!

Oh It’s a Setup

The first thing any golf player needs to get right before they even attempt a shot is their setup! The club should rest flat behind the ball, with the clubface perpendicular to your target. Keep your knees comfortably bent and your upper body tilted forward with a straight spine. Your weight should also be evenly divided between each foot, and you should be mostly resting on the balls of your feet. Above all, you should feel comfortable in your setup, and adapt it to the shot you’re taking!

Hips Don’t Lie

Many golfers underestimate the impact the hips have on their golf swing! Trying to generate power solely through your arms will most likely push you out of position, ruin your technique and fail to generate the force you’re looking for. You’ll want to rotate the hips on the backswing, turning your right hip back and the left knee towards the ball. Focusing on your hip movement could be the key to unlocking that extra power for your swing!

Get Ya Hands Low

Many golfers might find themselves bringing their hands up too high during the downswing. As a rule of thumb, your hands should be at the same position when the club impacts the ball as they were at setup. Having your hands too high could lead to you swinging too far out, or slicing the ball. Keeping your hands low should improve your power and accuracy, and might shave some shots off your golf game!

Follow Through

Don’t neglect your follow through! Just because your club has already made impact, your golf swing doesn’t end there. You’ll want to let your hands release naturally on the follow through, and make sure your hips end up facing the target. Focusing on your follow through position can impact the whole swing, leading to cleaner, crisper shots. It’s also a great way to ensure you’re hitting the ball at full power, and not decelerating before impact. Not to mention, you’ll look like a pro!

Go Your Own Way

These tips could be just the cue you need to improve your game. Your own individual stroke, however, might be the biggest factor to consider, as every golfer is different. Take a look at a typical shot you play, note what you wanted the ball to do, and then assess the actual movement of the golf ball. Your swing path and club face angle are both important factors that may need addressing, and you should be aiming to strike the ball with the centre of the club.

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