It hardly seems like two minutes since we were talking about the photography trends that were due to take off in 2018 and the year is nearing its end! After a magical and adventure filled few months, there are sure to be many photo albums already stuffed to the brim with memories from this year! Now might be a great time to look forward to 2019 and see what the world of photography has in store for next year! Here at The Insurance Emporium, we like to keep on top of the latest news! That’s why we put together this guide on 2019’s photography trends!

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Artificial intelligence

Those who own a smartphone might already have a good handle on artificial intelligence (A.I.) photography, as 2018 has seen Apple unveil all kinds of new iOS features utilising A.I. Fujifilm are expected to lead the charge for camera manufacturers, with software that sorts pictures, deletes sub-standard snaps and can even make photo albums for you. They say that the tech will be released around spring 2019 and we think it might be the start of a big trend in digital photography!


This year’s Photokina exhibition saw full-frame mirrorless cameras grab many of the headlines and it seems like there might be a resurgence on the way! With some industry experts believing that the quest for the most megapixels is over, sensor size could be the next big battle! Both Nikon and Canon released mirrorless cameras, the Z-series and EOS R respectively, in late summer 2018 and many competitors are likely to follow! This one could be in the news for a while!

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Built-in light rooms

With smartphones potentially overtaking cameras due to their in-built editing software, it might be about time the dedicated camera world caught up! The Zeiss ZX1 is expected in early 2019 and could signal the start of a trend for cameras that offer top quality photos with on-the-spot editing. Not only does the Zeiss ZX1 meet those trendy criteria, it’s also a full-frame camera! This could be a popular choice in 2019…

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IBIS… not the hotel

The medium-camera format is being transformed by the introduction of in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) and Fujifilm have recently announced the GFS-50R camera, including IBIS, 4k video and a 100 megapixel sensor. For studio photographers, the introduction of IBIS technology might be a game changer over the next few years. The Fujifilm camera is expected to retail at around $10,000 but could be worth saving for!

Looking at these upcoming trends, we predict that 2019 should be be a very exciting year for photographers! There’s plenty of 2018 left to come and that means plenty more time to get out your camera and capture some memories! If you are planning on getting snap-happy, you might want to consider buying some Camera Insurance to help protect you if something unexpected happens! At The Insurance Emporium, our Camera Insurance policies come with a 25% Introductory Discount* and let you choose between Amateur & Semi-Professional or Professional policies! Don’t be ‘negative’, point your lens at The Insurance Emporium today!

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