Cast Your Eyes Over These – Essential Fishing Gadgets For 2024

fishing rod on a bench next to a lake with reflections of trees in the water

It’s the time of year when we start looking forward to spring; Christmas is over and the days are still short, dark and cold, but luckily for us spring signals the start of fishing season.

We get to spend time in the great outdoors, de-stressing on a peaceful riverbank with only nature for company, and with 70% of UK adults saying that being near nature improves their mood, it’s no wonder that organisations, such as Tackling Minds, are looking into the link between fishing and improved physical and mental health.

Fishing comes with quite a few contraptions already, but here at The Insurance Emporium we love a gadget; especially fishing gadgets that could increase our chances of a good catch and make fishing more efficient and accessible, so we’ve put together some of our favourite fishing gadgets, for all budgets.


Who doesn’t love a multi-tool? Everything you need in one little gadget. The Victorinox Fisherman – the Swiss army knife of angling – has 18 different functions, including a fish scaler, wire stripper, hook disgorger and blades. The bottle opener will definitely come in handy too for a bit of al-fresco rehydration.


Giving a whole new meaning to Finding Nemo, the Deeper PRO fish finder is a light, portable fishing gadget that can scan down to 100m and send information back to your smartphone/device.

It checks the depth and temperature and creates a map of the body of water you’re fishing in, and you can even hone home in on specific features of that location, or a species of fish.

You can add photos and make notes on your favourite places to fish/camp/park, including the equipment you used.

Man alone fishing during bad weather under umbrella

Umbrella Shelter

While it’s always lovely being out in the fresh air, being at one with nature, nature can often be a bit drizzly or windy, maybe even sunny on a good day, so this portable fishing umbrella can give you all the shelter you need.

You can secure it to the ground and tilt the top to get the coverage you need. It also has windows in the side panels so you can still see what’s going on around you.

Fishing Sunglasses

Not so much a gadget as a necessity, polarised fishing sunglasses can help protect your eyes from the reflective glare you get from the water and provide protection against harmful UV rays. They also give you a clear view of the water surface, whether that’s clear blue or murky brown, and the hydroleophobic coating on the lens repels water. (It’s worth checking your policy wording as sunglasses are not seen as fishing equipment and are often excluded).

Travel Kit

A fishing travel kit is great for those days when you come across a random body of water while out and about and wish you had a rod with you. They’re compact and lightweight but still with plenty of power to bring in medium-sized fish.

They’re great for taking on holiday as they easily fit in holiday luggage, both checked-in and carry-on, and are also an ideal starter kit for children. Read about some of the top fishing destinations in the UK in our blog.

man standing by a lake fishing next to some yellow boats

While no gadget can make you catch more fish, they can make a huge difference to your fishing; whether that’s by helping to improve your catch by making your technique more efficient, or just by making the whole process a bit more comfortable.

Whether you like the sound of fishing gadgets, or prefer to keep things simple, chances are your tackle bag has some expensive gear in it.

There are lots of good reasons to take out fishing insurance; a recent Environmental Agency study of freshwater angling in the UK found that anglers spend over £400 on tackle, so it’s worth having a look at some of our fishing insurance policies.

They come with a set group of standard benefits that are specially designed to cover typical everyday circumstances, which you can then tweak with Optional Benefits to cover your gadgets or fishing tech. Get a free, no-strings quote today and see what we can do for you. 

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