5 Great Christmas Gifts for Dogs

The list of things to do in preparation for Christmas can often seem endless! Finding magical presents for all of your human loved ones might feel like a daunting task, and that’s before you’ve even thought about your dog. But not to worry, we’ve done the hard work for you, scouring the internet for some of the best Christmas gifts for dogs around!

Great Christmas gifts for dogs - retriever plays with ball

1. iFetch Ball Launcher

If your dog loves nothing better than chasing balls all day, the iFetch Ball Launcher could suit them down to a T. Set the launcher to ten, 20 or 30 feet and let your dog do all the work! Your furry friend will need to bring the ball back, however, for it to be placed back in the top of the machine. But once they’re fully trained, all you have to do is put your feet up and watch the action!

2. Antos Origin Root Chew

Why give your dog a bone that might splinter, when you could give your dog an Antos Origin Root Chew, made from the tuber of a tree root? They’re harvested and then air-dried for several months, making them entirely natural. The tubers are also derived from sustainable sources and full of nutrients, as well as being non-splinter and long lasting. All of this means your pooch can happily chew away for as long as they want!

Great Christmas gifts for dogs - mixed breed dog in Santa hat

3. Chuckit! Indoor Ball

Another one for ball-loving canines! It can often feel a bit risky throwing balls around inside the house, for fear of breaking your furniture or accessories. The Chuckit! Indoor Ball is soft enough that it shouldn’t cause damage to anything in the house, but is also tough enough to withstand a great deal of boisterousness!

4. Furbo Dog Camera

Ever wondered what your pooch gets up to when you’re out of the house? The Furbo Dog Camera allows you to do just that. It also features a two-way speaker so you can order your dog not to chew up the cushions, as well as a treat dispenser to reward them for good behaviour! Smartphone apps and a setting for Apple Watch make keeping tabs on your pup simple!

Great Christmas gifts for dogs - Jack Russell sitting on top of present

5. Woof & Brew Cham:paws “Bubbles & Squeak” Gift Set

Most of us enjoy a little tipple over the festive period, so why should it be any different for your dog? Obviously, you should never give alcohol to any animal, but you can find pet-friendly alternatives. Woof & Brew’s Cham:paws gift set will provide your pup with not only a delicious beverage that’s packed with vitamins and minerals, but also a squeaky bone for them to play with!

Whatever you choose for your pooch this Christmas, we’re sure they’ll have the best of festive adventures! While you’re finding them a yuletide treat, why not also consider taking out dog insurance? At The Insurance Emporium, we offer a range of Dog Insurance policies with different levels of cover available, as well as up to 30% discount*! Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!

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