Your Story – Boo, The Labrador Retriever

Many of us can relate to the notion that as we get older, companionship doesn’t just come in the form of the humankind, but also from pet ownership. Here at The Insurance Emporium, we caught up with one of customers, Jayne, who told us about her dog, Boo, and her recent experience when having to make a claim.

How Boo Became a Part of the Family

And after losing her beloved collie, Jayne felt there was a huge void in her pet family that needed to be filled. She decided to look for a new dog on Pets4Homes and came across a litter of Silver Labradors for sale.

Having made contact with the breeder she arranged to visit them but wasn’t allowed into the property, instead the mum and dad of the litter were brought out to see her and her daughter.

A year after bringing the puppy home she realised the puppy didn’t have the appearance that she had expected, having bred labradors previously, and she finally suspected that the dog had been interbred by the owners.

She is very frustrated that she didn’t notice some of the warning signs that the breeders were a bit rogue but was grieving for her previous dog that had died and just wanted a replacement.

Choosing Pet Insurance

Before this, having not had pet insurance for two of her previous dogs, Jayne decided to get insurance for Boo. Something which she now is glad she had done.

She did her research online when looking for which pet insurance provider to go with and finally decided to go ahead with a policy with The Insurance Emporium.

She decided on the policy based on what she could afford as she knew she wanted to pay for the first year upfront rather than monthly.

Jayne’s Experience with The Insurance Emporium

Jayne has been delighted with the experience she has had with The Insurance Emporium. She is an elderly lady and since having made a claim, she found the process clear and easy to understand.

When she spoke to the customer service team, they were extremely helpful as she wasn’t sure if her insurance would cover the dog’s condition.

While the vets filled out the paperwork, when she looked at it, she felt she could have completed it in the future.

Without insurance she would have had to have her dog put down, so it has been a saving grace being able to make a claim. Her dogs are her family as she lives alone.

Jayne said “I would give The Insurance Emporium a 10 out of 10 as they’ve really been fantastic. I always recommend them on social media and have done so to all my friends too.”

Here at The Insurance Emporium, we know all too well how distressing it can be when a pet becomes ill or has an accident. With our range of Pet Insurance, owners can choose which level of cover they want and with additional benefits you’ve got complete freedom to design your policy to suit the needs of you and your pet best.

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