Christmas Gift Ideas for your Horse

You enjoy so many magical adventures with your horse throughout the year, and Christmas is no exception! While they might not be joining you at the table for Christmas dinner, you might still want to get them a yuletide present. If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further, as we’re sharing our run down of five fantastic Christmas gift ideas for your horse!

Golden horse wearing Christmas hat.

1. Likit Boredom Breaker

Does your horse struggle to keep themselves entertained whilst stabled? If the answer’s yes, then the Likit Boredom Breaker could give them, and you, a helping hand! Designed to hang from the stable roof, it can hold one regular and two smaller Likits, and will swing and spin in all different directions when your horse tries licking it. Designed to make horses work hard for their reward, it should also keep them from displaying bad behaviour.

2. Ecohoof Equine Horse Pink Hoof Clay

With the cold winter weather your horse’s hooves and skin could be in need of a bit of extra TLC! Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay acts as an extra barrier between hooves and the elements, as well as containing essential oils. The clay can also be effective in treating skin issues. Many reviewers seem to have used it to help solve skin problems suffered by their canines too, so if you’re also a dog owner it could be just the ticket!

Horse is checking out a colourful snowman.

3. Highlander 200 Combo Turnout

It’s cold outside! So keep your turned out horse cosy, warm and dry with the Highlander 200 Combo Turnout Rug. Fully lined, and featuring a contour neck cover for all-over warmth, it’s waterproof yet breathable. You can also increase the rug’s warmth using separate rug liners. To be honest, for us one of the biggest draws of this particular rug is the all-over stag print, which will help your horse look dapper for the festive season.

4. SleekEZ Horse Groomer

It might not look like much, but when it comes to shedding season, you and your horse will be grateful for the SleekEZ Horse Groomer! Designed with a unique comb tooth pattern, the groomer was created to be used on a large variety of coats whether long, short, fine or coarse. Gentle, effective and robust, the SleekEZ Horse Groomer is even effective brushing the hair from your horse’s rug.

Sandy coloured horse wearing Christmas wreath

5. Stubbs Rock ‘n’ Roll Ball

This is another item with which your horse can keep themselves busy, especially when confined to their stable more over the winter months. The Stubbs Rock ‘n’ Roll Ball can be filled with food which then is dispensed slowly as the ball is rolled around. Generously-sized, and a shape that won’t prove too easy to roll in a straight line, it could keep your horse occupied for quite a while!

Whatever you get your equine friend this Christmas, we wish you the best that the season has to offer! While you’re choosing their gift, you might also want to consider horse insurance. The Insurance Emporium offer Pick ‘n’ Mix Horse Insurance policies, with cover for Death, Theft Or Straying as standard. This can then be tailored to your specific needs with our selection of Optional Benefits. You could also receive up to 30% discount*! Head to The Insurance Emporium today to find out more!  

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