Santa Paws Is Coming To Town – Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Pet

cat and dog underneath a blanket looking at a christmas tree

As a nation we love our pets; we treat them like little furry humans who are definitely part of the family, we even dress them up. So it won’t come as a surprise to hear that 68% of pet owners buy Christmas presents for their pets. But what do you get the pet who has everything?

Here at The Insurance Emporium we love our pets and have been known to wrap the odd gift up under the tree for our little furry pals, so we’ve put our heads together to come up with some gift ideas that basically revolve around our pets’ favourite activities; eating, sleeping and playing! We’ve ranked them in order of cost, starting with the cheapest.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Dogs

cute puppy holding a teddy in their mouth in front of some christmas gifts
  • Festive Treats (£5) – We’ve all been there; you settle down after your Christmas dinner with a huge box of chocolates in one hand, a family bag of crisps in the other, while your little furry pal sits and watches every bite with those big eyes. But our food isn’t always good for them, and can in fact be harmful, so how about buying them their own treats? Then they can chew on their pork scratchings, or beef chewies, and leave you in peace!

  • Toy (£10.99) – Need something to keep your pooch occupied while you put your feet up and have a well-earned post-lunch nap? Tired of most dog toys being ripped to shreds within minutes? This large plush dog toy will give them hours of fun; it has crinkly material and squeakers and is sturdy enough to be taken on by even the largest, most enthusiastic dog.
a happy dog sitting in front of a blue backdrop wearing a christmas outfit
  • Xmas Jumper (£25) – Christmas jumpers have become a tradition and we’re all familiar with the oodie, those huge wearable blankets with armholes that most of us lived in for most of last winter, so why not let your fur baby get in on the oodie action too? Doggie Oodies keep them warm without overheating, and they have a hood and a slot on the back for a lead to fit through. You could even get a matching one!

  • Automatic Ball Launcher (£130) – Some people might say that an automatic ball launcher is the ultimate in laziness, but those people probably don’t have a dog with unlimited energy who didn’t get the memo about you wanting to enjoy a cup of tea with your feet up. Just drop the balls in and watch them go; you could even go one further and train them to drop the balls in themselves, so you don’t even have to stand up, we’re not judging.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Cats

a cat sitting next to some christmas gifts wearing a christmas jumper
  • Play frame (£8.49) – Imagine you’re a cat. You’ve had a busy day chasing tinsel, trying to steal food from your human’s plate, and staring at the wall. What better way to relax than on a nice soft mat, with a variety of toys (each filled with catnip) hanging from a frame just above your nose? This playframe for cats lets them do just that, perfect for cats who need lots of stimulation, as well as regular naps.

  • Toys (£13.99) – After napping, playing is a cat’s favourite thing, so toys are always a great idea for a gift; not forgetting that a new toy might also distract them from trying to scale the Christmas tree and eat all the tinsel! This cat toy set has plenty to keep them entertained, with bells and crinkly balls, plushy toys and an interactive wand.

  • Feeding bowl (£35.70) – If you’re planning on giving your cat a special Christmas feast, why not let them dine in style with a personalised cat feeder? Elevated cat bowls let your feline friend eat in a more natural position that is supposed to be better for digestion. It reduces both the risk of vomiting and the strain on their joints. They also look very stylish, because we all know how fussy cats can be!

  • Cat Basket (£44.99) – On average, cats can sleep for 15, possibly even 20, hours a day, and as they like to sleep in places where they feel safe, what better present than a cosy cat basket? Even the most sociable cat might need somewhere to retreat to over Christmas, although we can’t guarantee that you won’t find them curled up on the nearest clean pile of washing instead.
a dog standing up, looking down at a cat that's laid on a blanket, with the backdrop of a christmas tree

Christmas is an exciting time, and there’s no reason why your pet can’t get involved too, as well as making sure they’re occupied while you’re out of your usual routine. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could always make your own DIY cat toys!

One of the best Christmas presents any pet owner can hope for is the reassurance that their pet is safe and protected. Here at The Insurance Emporium, we know how much of a worry vet bills can be, which is why we offer a range of pet insurance policies to suit you, your pet, and your budget. You can even get a 10% discount when you insure more than one pet. Let us take some of the worry away, leaving you free to wrap all those presents!

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