The relationship between you and your horse can be really special, but it may take time and some careful cultivation! Having a strong bond with your four-legged friend can help both of you to get more from your training and work together, as well as developing a mutual feeling of trust. To help you get started, we’ve put together these six helpful tips on how to bond with your horse!

How to bond with your horse

1. Have a break

If the only time you spend with your horse is when you’re in the saddle, it might be time to dismount for a while! Learn to hang out with your equine friend in different situations around the stable and paddock. Even sitting to read a book close to them will help you get used to each other’s company!

2. Do the groundwork

While you’re out of the saddle, you can try some groundwork exercises with your pony. Teaching them to be led and to listen to you from the ground could mean they’ll listen to you more while out riding. Groundwork can also help your horse to see you as the leader of the herd, so they may hold you in greater respect.

3. Grooming

How to bond with your horse

Many horses enjoy being groomed, and they instinctively groom each other socially. Paying that same attention to your horse will show them that you care, and allow you to share some quality time together. Throwing in a few scratches in itchy spots can also help them to feel more comfortable and relaxed!

4. Silence is golden

Horses can get as much from our body language and emotions as from speech, perhaps more. So why not take an opportunity occasionally to enjoy some quiet time together with your horse? Explore their paddock together, help them get to a particularly lush patch of grass, and just enjoy being in each other’s company.

5. Body language

Paying attention to your horse’s body language could help you to better understand their feelings! There are many different signs that your four-legged friend will give you about how they’re feeling, and you can find out about these in our infographic Understanding your Horse’s Body Language.

How to bond with your horse

6. Be responsible!

One way to really bond with your horse is to spend time looking after them each day. Even if you’d usually leave the grooming, turning out and other day-to-day jobs to someone else, spending a month seeing to these tasks could enable them to see you as their leader, and someone who really has their back!

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